Cooperation4EU+ European University Alliance

The 4EU+ European University Alliance is a transnational strategic association of Charles University in Prague, Heidelberg University, Sorbonne University in Paris, the University of Warsaw, the University of Copenhagen and the University of Milan.

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The alliance aims to create a new quality of cooperation between the six European research universities in education, teaching, research, transfer and administration. Building on existing collaborations, 4EU+ will establish the appropriate infrastructure to bring together students, teachers and researchers from the partner universities.

The cooperation, originally called 4EU, was founded in March 2018 by the universities of Prague, Heidelberg, the Sorbonne in Paris and Warsaw, and expanded in October 2018 under the name 4EU+ to include the universities of Copenhagen and Milan. The partnership grew out of the idea of a European university based on academic freedom and autonomy that wants to offer equal access to education.

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