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The European Commission traditionally bundles its funding of research and technological development into time-limited research framework programmes which are thematically oriented towards the strategic goals of the European Union. The “Horizon 2020” framework programme (2014 - 2020) was succeeded by the new “Horizon Europe” programme (2021 - 2027) in January 2021.

At its core, Horizon Europe comprises of three pillars: Excellent Science (Pillar I), Global Challenges & European Industrial Competitiveness (Pillar II) and Innovative Europe (Pillar III). The three pillars reflect the guiding principle of Horizon Europe, a research-based and science-based strengthening of the global competitiveness of the European Union.

On the following pages, the Research Division of Heidelberg University provides information on the funding instruments of Horizon Europe and offers tips and advice on submitting applications and handling projects.

Horizon Europe: Overview