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Research Profile

As a research university with international reach, Heidelberg University holds the strong theoretical and methodological competence evident in its subjects and disciplinary cultures as fundamental to its scientific endeavours. In addition to its disciplinary strengths, however, the university also acknowledges its social responsibilities and special potential to effectively address, through interdisciplinary cooperation, complex problems critical to the progress of humanity.


Excellence Strategy

Heidelberg University has won support for two proposals from the Clusters of Excellence funding line within the framework of the Excellence Strategy of the federal and state governments. Following the international review sessions, the Committee of Experts appointed by the Joint Science Conference and the science and research ministers from the federal and state governments selected the “STRUCTURES” and “3D Matter Made to Order” cluster.

Promoting Young Researchers

Heidelberg University places particular importance on research-oriented teaching and excellently structured doctoral programmes in the training of young researchers and the advancement of outstanding young researchers.


In all the national and international rankings, Ruperto Carola continues to assert its position as one of Germany's top three universities and score extremely well in the European and worldwide comparisons.

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Research Institutions

Central Research Institutions and institutionally anchored core facilities give rise to new, self-governing central research platforms that continue to advance the research network within the four Fields of Focus.

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Ruperto Carola Research Magazine

In its research magazine "Ruperto Carola", Heidelberg University gives voice to its unique potential and charter as a comprehensive university. Every issue is devoted to a specific topic and presents the work of Heidelberg researchers across disciplines and subject areas. The publication's breadth of content clearly illustrates how the university makes compelling use of its different knowledge assets, methods and disciplinary cultures to contribute fundamentally to the understanding of the complex issues of today's world.