Transfer Profile

Heidelberg University aims to establish knowledge and technology transfer as a third strong pillar alongside research and teaching. It supports transfer activities and the development of future-oriented ideas in order increase society's participation in scientifically generated knowledge, to successfully transfers research results into applications and to fully exploits Ruperto Carola's innovative potential.


Technology Transfer

The university endeavours to transfer research results and scientific findings to industry and the economy. With its Industry-on-Campus projects – strategic research cooperations with companies in the research city of Heidelberg and the region – Ruperto Carola networks its basic research with the application-oriented research of its industrial partners.


Scientific consulting services are offered to political representatives, administrative organisations and their members, as well as civic, cultural, and economic organisations. Referrals to relevant experts facilitate the transfer of knowledge to society.


To facilitate the transfer of research results to all levels of society and thus open up new prospects to students and young researchers, the university systematically seeks dialogue with the broader public as well as defined subsets. A wide range of activities encourages continual exchange between science and society.

Service Transfer

Heidelberg University supports all of its members in their transfer activities and offers a platform for the advancement of innovative ideas. Its services include consultations for founders, patent management and start up support as well as entrepreneurship education, qualification programmes and knowledge transfer, support with science communication and networking initiatives.