Excellence Strategy

Following two successful applications in the Cluster of Excellence funding line of the German Excellence Initiative, Heidelberg University is now engaged in the competition for the status of an Excellence University. The clusters ‘STRUCTURES’ and ‘3D Matter Made to Order’ – the latter in cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) – were selected for funding.

Building on its success in all three funding lines of the first and second round of the Excellence Initiative, Heidelberg University wants to continue leveraging its special strengths in order to drive innovation in research, teaching and knowledge transfer and contribute to the solution of complex societal challenges. To this end, the University is strengthening its individual disciplines while also undertaking great efforts to combine competencies from different subject areas and create new structures and research foci. The aim is to recruit outstanding scientists and scholars and excellent junior researchers from Germany and abroad and retain them at the University, to create an attractive research environment with a superb infrastructure and to allocate resources strictly according to merit. The University attaches great importance to the principle of equal opportunity and to supporting female scientists. As a major societal stakeholder, Heidelberg University is actively shaping the future by promoting responsible knowledge transfer in cooperation with its strong local, regional and international partners.