Call for proposalsInternational Guest Professors

Funding For Guest Stays Which Take Place From 2024 To 2026

The project “Expanding Internationality“ is part of the Excellence Strategy of Heidelberg University for the period of 1st November 2019 until 31st October 2026. The project includes a funding line for international guest professors for stays at Heidelberg University.

Objective Of Funding Line

The objective of this funding line is to bring expert knowledge of renowned international academics to Heidelberg University, to increase and complement the research potential in certain fields, and to extend and internationalize the range of research-based teaching. In addition, the funding line is intended to provide impulses for the establishment and expansion of international research and teaching cooperation with universities and non-university research institutions.

The funding measure focuses in particular on the partners and target regions of Heidelberg University that are important as part of the internationalization strategy, including the Centers Abroad and the regions affiliated with them, the partner universities of Heidelberg University and the universities involved in the 4EU+ University Alliance.

In terms of subject matter, the guest professorships applied for should ideally have academic participation in one of the four Fields of Focus of the excellence strategy.   

Funding Line

Funding can be used for one-time stays of foreign guest professors at Heidelberg University for a period of one to three months. For some applications, an application in the years following the initial application is possible.

Guest stays can take place from January 1st 2024 and must end by October 31st 2026 at the latest.  

Content And Scholarship Value

Guest professors should make a contribution to research-based teaching during their stay at Heidelberg University (different formats are possible: regular courses, guest lectures, colloquia, workshops with graduate students).

Funding can be used for

  • the salary of the guest professor (scholarship rate of 3.170€ monthly),
  • travel costs
  • tangible means (e.g. for student assistants, workshops etc.).

In special exceptional cases, compensation in the amount of a W3 salary or an honorary contract can be applied for by justifying the outstanding scientific excellence and the approval of the selection committee.


Proposals may be submitted by departments (via the respective faculty) and faculties of Heidelberg University. A project manager must be named in the application. The host institutions commit themselves to providing an adequately equipped workplace for the guest professor.

The proposals are limited to five pages and should be structured as follows:

  • Application Form
  • Work program in research and teaching at Heidelberg University
  • Benefit for the institution and Heidelberg University
  • Candidate’s performance profile and qualifications, including information on
    • Candidate’s core area in research and teaching
    • Candidates appraisal of academic performance
  • Cost plan

Please attach the following documents

  • Curriculum vitae of the candidate
  • List of publications
  • List of prizes and other references
  • List of taught courses
  • Letter of support from the faculty (if the application was not submitted by them)

Submission Deadline

Proposals for the funding period should be submitted via email (as one single pdf file) to the Director of the International Relations Office, Dr. Alexander Au, (expanding.internationality@uni-heidelberg.de). Application deadline now extended until: 20th October 2023.


A committee headed by the Vice President for International Affairs carries out the appraisal and selection of the applications.

Central selection criteria

  • A compelling and well-planned overview of the project. Justification, coherence and goals for the project
  • Academic achievements and publications of the candidate
  • Strategic interest of the university in relation to international partners and relevant scientific areas (see also Objective of the funding line)

The committee takes appropriate account of aspects of equal opportunities and diversity.

Further notices

The application can only be considered if all required documents have been submitted in full and on time.

The remuneration of the guest researcher is based on the funding scheme of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) for experienced researchers awarded as a scholarship corresponding to €3,170 per month. Travel expenses are calculated according to the table of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Manually no compulsory social security contributions apply, although health insurance that is recognized in Germany is required. Additionally, a private liability insurance is strongly recommended. The costs for the insurance(s) have to be covered through the scholarship funds.

Please consider the following in case of a successful application:

  • The nominating researcher is the responsible contact person and project manager for the guest professorship and in charge for all communication with the International Relations Department (D7) as well as with the guest scholar.
  • Adjustments can be made to the amount of funding applied for.
  • The request to issue the scholarship notification must be submitted by the project manager to the Department of Research (D6) at least 6 weeks before the stay.
  • The decree of payment of the scholarship and the travel allowance together with the attachments of the scholarship and approval notification must be arranged and signed by the project manager. Please enter the tax code N4.
  • The project manager is obligated to submit an annual report to the International Relations Department (D7), in which the results of the projects are specified in the application.
  • If you have organizational questions about the guest researcher’s stay, the person concerned can contact the Welcome Centre at Heidelberg University.