Call for proposalsInternational Guest Professors

Funding for guest stays which take place or start in the years 2022 and 2023

The project “Expanding Internationality“ is part of the Excellence Strategy of Heidelberg University for the period of 1st November 2019 until 31st October 2026. The project includes a funding line for international guest professors to stay at Heidelberg University. The objective of this funding line is to bring expert knowledge of renowned international academics to Heidelberg University, to increase and complement the research potential in certain fields, and to extend and internationalize the range of research-based teaching.

On account of the strategic importance of the 4EU+ University Alliance, applications for „4EU+ Guest Professorships“ (guest stays of professors from the partner universities in Copenhagen, Milan, Paris, Prague and Warsaw) are explicitly welcome. 

Funding can be used for

  • one-time stays of foreign guest professors at Heidelberg University for a period of one to six months,  
  • recurring stays of foreign guest professors at Heidelberg University for a period of one to three months per year over several years. 

Applications can be submitted for one-time stays of foreign guest professors which shall take place or start in the years 2022 and 2023. For recurring stays of foreign guest professors, which shall start in the years 2022 or 2023, it is also possible to apply for funding beyond the year 2023. 

Guest professors should make a contribution to research-based teaching during their stay at Heidelberg University (different formats are possible: regular courses, guest lectures, colloquia, workshops with graduate students).

Funding can be used for

  • salary for the guest professor (by employment contract, research fellowship, freelance contract; the type of compensation will be determined on an individual basis),
  • travel costs 
  • tangible means (e.g. for student assistants, workshops etc.). 

Please take notice of the Guidelines for Calculation of Costs.

Proposals may be submitted by departments (via the respective faculty) and faculties of Heidelberg University. The host institutions commit themselves to providing an adequately equipped workplace for the guest professor. 

Proposals for guest stays, which (1) were selected for funding in the years 2020 and 2021 but could not, or only partly, be realized due to the Covid-19 pandemic and (2) have not been granted an adjacent funding for the years 2022ff, may be submitted again (in an updated version). 

Proposals should be limited to five pages (11 pt. font size, 1.5 line spacing) and should be structured as follows:  

  • general information about
    — the institution submitting the proposal
    — the candidate for the guest professorship
    — the candidate’s home institution
    — the time and duration of the guest professorship
  •  work programme at Heidelberg University
    — tasks in research and teaching 
    — added value for the department / faculty and for Heidelberg University
  • candidate’s qualifications
    — core areas in research and teaching
    — appraisal of academic performance 
  • cost plan.

Please attach the following documents:

  • curriculum vitae of the candidate
  • list of publications
  • list of prizes and other references
  • list of taught courses.

Proposals for the funding period should be submitted via email (if possible as one single pdf file) to the Director of the International Relations Office, Dr. Joachim Gerke. Application deadline: 15th October, 2021:

The proposals will be evaluated and selected by a commission chaired by the Vice-Rector for International Affairs.