Call for proposalsMobility in International Research Collaborations

Funding period 1 January 2024 to 31 October 2026

The project “Expanding Internationality“ is part of the Excellence Strategy of Heidelberg University for the period of 1 November 2019 until 31 October 2026. The project includes a funding line for promoting mobility in international research collaborations.

Objectives of the funding line

This funding line is intended to serve the further internationalization of Heidelberg University, in particular to contribute to the networking of scientists at our university with international partners. In addition, the funding line provides impetus for bi- and multilateral cooperation with foreign partners and the establishment of thematic networks. The funding measure focuses in particular on the partners and target regions of Heidelberg University that are important as part of the internationalization strategy: This strategy especially targets the Centers Abroad and the regions affiliated with them, the partner universities of Heidelberg University and the universities involved in the 4EU+ University Alliance.

Funding can be used for 

  • Short-term Mobility Measures (1 – 21 days)
    Costs of travel and accommodation by researchers of Heidelberg University and international partner institutions
  • Mobility Grants (1 – 6 months)
    For doctoral students and postdocs of Heidelberg University and international partner institutions
  • Material Resources (e.g. for the realization of joint workshops with project partners).

Maximum funding per project is € 15.000 per year. Proposals can be submitted for the period from 1 January 2024 to 31 October 2026. Financial participation of international partner institutions is desirable, but not compulsory.

Funding can not be used for

  • Individual doctorate projects
  • Congress and conference trips that are not part of a cooperation
  • Procurement of basic equipment as part of material resources


Eligible to apply are university lecturers and junior researchers with a doctorate employed at 
Heidelberg University. A supporting letter from the head of the faculty must be attached to the application.

Proposals should include

  • Application Form (template)
  • Description of the research or networking project (maximum of 5 pages)
  • Information on international partner(s)
  • Description of the expected added value for the project and Heidelberg University that is to be gained by the international cooperation
  • Financial plan for the planned activities (template)

Formal attachments

  • Project outline (max. five pages)
  • Application form (attachment)
  • Financial plan (attachment)


Proposals for the funding period should be submitted via email (as one single pdf file) to the Director of the International Relations Office, Dr. Alexander Au, expanding.internationality@uni-heidelberg.de Application deadline now extended until: 20 October 2023


A committee headed by the Vice President for International Affairs carries out the appraisal and selection process.

Central selection criteria

  • A compelling and well-planned overview of the project. Justification, coherence and goals for the project
  • Academic achievements and publications of the candidate
  • Consideration of the strategic interest of the university in the application in relation to international partners and relevant scientific areas (see also Objectives of funding line)

The committee takes appropriate account of aspects of equal opportunities and diversity.

Further notices:
The application can only be considered if all required documents have been submitted on time.


For doctoral students, postdocs, and researchers, there are different procedures for claiming and processing mobility measures, travel grants, and research fellowships based on whether they have an employment contract with Heidelberg University or are employed at a foreign partner institution. Find detailed guidelines on page 4 of the attached PDF file.


  • Adjustments can be made to the amount of funding applied for. 
  • The order for the payment of the scholarship and the travel allowance, together with the attachments of the scholarship and approval notification, must be arranged and signed by the project management. Pay attention to the tax code to take sales tax into account.