Exzellenzcluster3D Matter Made to Order

“3D Matter Made to Order”, the joint Cluster of Excellence by the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology and Heidelberg University, pursues a highly interdisciplinary approach combining natural and engineering sciences. The cluster concentrates on three-dimensional additive manufacturing techniques, from the molecular level to macroscopic dimensions. Its vision is the ultimate digitisation of 3D manufacturing and material processing. These methods are to be used to produce components and systems by nanoprinting at maximum process speed and resolution for novel applications in materials and life sciences. The cluster also receives funding from the Carl Zeiss Foundation.

3D Matter Made to Order

SB EXC 3D Matter


Prof. Dr Martin Wegener (KIT*, Institute of Applied Physics / Institute of Nanotechnology)
Prof. Dr. Christine Selhuber-Unkel (Institute for Molecular Systems Engineering and Advanced Materials)

* fund-managing University