4EU+ European University AllianceStudying European-style at Heidelberg University

By offering different activities open to students from all subjects, the 4EU+ Alliance is promoting the establishment of a common European Campus. Heidelberg University assists students to spend a time of study and research at the eight partner universities. There is funding not only to attend specific events but also for individualised short periods that can be flexibly integrated into the whole degree course.

In addition, students from every semester can participate in cross-university online courses and this way also benefit from virtual mobility formats. The aim of the 4EU+ Alliance is to involve students from the first semester onwards in an international academic network and particularly to foster intercultural skills.

Events for doctoral candidates – including workshops and summer/winter schools – enable the acquisition of research-related specialist skills and methods as well as interdisciplinary exchange.

4EU+ Online Courses

With the 4EU+ online courses, the European University Alliance is providing a programme to promote virtual mobility. These are courses that take place online, or in hybrid form with the continuous option of joining in online, and so do not require physical presence. All students and doctoral candidates are eligible to attend the courses of the 4EU+ Alliance.

4EU+ Joint Courses

In the context of the 4EU+ joint courses, teachers from the 4EU+ universities organise classes on interdisciplinary topics. Students and doctoral candidates can apply for a grant to cover the cost of travel and accommodation. As proof of participation the students receive a Letter of Attendance issued on behalf of the 4EU+ Alliance. The full range of 4EU+ joint courses is accessible on the central website of the 4EU+ Alliance.

Funding opportunities for students

Besides the above-mentioned taught courses, students and doctoral candidates are supported in spending time for study and research at the 4EU+ partner universities.