4EU+ European University AllianceTeaching European-style

4EU+ aims to develop joint teaching activities ranging from single courses to study programmes. The 4EU+ office supports teachers in designing and holding courses within the 4EU+ Alliance. Periods of teaching at the respective partner universities are funded, amongst other things.

Development if innovative courses

Teachers at Heidelberg University can add their classes to the 4EU+ online course offering. That is a way of making involvement in innovative digital teaching visible outside of Heidelberg University and bolstering best practice in research-based teaching.

In order to carry out innovative teaching activities in the form of hybrid short programmes, known as Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP), conducted together with 4EU+ partner universities, applications for funding can be made to the ERASMUS+ office of Heidelberg University. Further information is available on the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) website.

Academic and administrative staff mobility

ERASMUS+ higher education staff mobility allows lecturers to teach for a limited time at 4EU+ partner universities. Such a teaching period can also contribute to developing joint teaching activities or study programmes in the context of 4EU+. Courses can be opened to students at 4EU+ partner universities in consultation with the 4EU+ office.

In order to promote internationalisation and cooperation within the 4EU+ Alliance at the administrative level, as well, the 4EU+ office provides financial and organisational support for the mobility of non-academic staff, enabling them to attend continuing education and training programmes at 4EU+ partner universities.