MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAMMEStarting your Degree Course in the First Academic Semester

The exact nature of the application and admission process for your desired Master’s degree programme will depend on your chosen subject and your nationality.

Before beginning the application process, please use our Online Course Finder to find out what the application and admission process will entail for your chosen subject. The Online Subject Finder also provides information tailored to your application profile and desired degree programme.  
Finding your subject



A Master’s degree programme is an additional academic course which is generally undertaken following the successful completion of a Bachelor’s degree programme. Other undergraduate courses however, can also prepare students to begin a Master’s-level programme. A Master’s degree programme generally consists in four academic semesters. In some cases, courses may run for a total of two or three semesters. Graduates of a Master’s degree programme will usually receive a Master of Science (M.Sc) or a Master of Arts (M.A).