BACHELOR AND STATE EXAMINATION Starting the first academic semester of your degree programme

The exact nature of the application and admission process for your first academic degree programme will depend on your chosen subject, your nationality, and your university entrance qualification. 

Before beginning the application process, please use our Online Course Finder to find out what the application and admission process will entail for your chosen subject. The Online Course Finder also enables you to tailor the information provided about the admissions process to your personal applicant profile and chosen subject.  

Online Course Finder


A Bachelor’s degree is the first academic degree which students might gain. It is also considered a professional qualification. Having completed a Bachelor’s degree, students might go on to complete further, higher level programmes of study. Bachelor’s degree programmes equip students with fundamental understanding and methodological knowledge in their chosen subject of study. 


In subjects with nationwide admission restrictions - in Heidelberg these are medicine, pharmacy and dentistry - 30% of places are allocated to applicants with the best grades in their school leaving certificates (i.e. university entrance qualification, such as ‘A’ levels, high school diploma, German ‘Abitur’, etc.) by the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (Foundation for University Admission).