Admitted applicants must apply for enrolment at the university for all degree programmes by the deadline. The procedure for enrolment at Heidelberg University depends, among other things, on the degree programme you have chosen and the semester for which you wish to enrol.

Irrespective of nationality and intended degree programme, enrolment takes place online via the heiCO portal of Heidelberg University and by submitting documents by post. There are currently still a few exceptions to this.
Our Study Programme Finder will tell you which procedure your desired degree programme is assigned to. The Study Programme Finder also offers you the possibility to obtain subject-specific information.

Please note: Enrolment in the higher semester is not yet shown in the Study Programme Finder.

Study Programme Finder



The Bachelor's degree is the first academic degree and professional qualification of a multi-level study model.

A state examination is taken in those courses of study in which the state is primarily the future employer and in which the state community has a special interest in a qualified education - for example, among doctors, pharmacists and lawyers. In courses of study that conclude with the state examination, training and examinations are regulated uniformly by the state or federal legislature.


The Master's programme is a continuing study programme that can usually be completed after the Bachelor's degree, but also after other degrees from undergraduate programmes. It is usually scheduled for four semesters, but in some cases it can also take two or three semesters, and usually ends with the degree Master of Science (M.Sc.) or Master of Arts (M.A.).

Doctoral Students

The Heidelberg University offers its doctoral students a wide range of doctoral opportunities at various levels of structuring - from individual doctorates to integration into small and medium-sized colleges to large graduate schools.

Enrollment to a Doctoral Programme