German citizensEnrolment in the 1st Academic Semester

Master’s degree programmes

Depending on the application and admission procedure for your desired degree programme, you are required to submit an application to Heidelberg University prior to the application deadline.

If you are applying to a Master’s degree programme that only has admission restrictions and meet the requirements for acceptance, you will receive an admission certificate for the Student Administration office from the departmental representative, which will allow you to enrol. 

If you have applied for an admission-restricted Master’s degree programme, you will always receive a letter of admission or rejection. If you receive a letter of admission, you can complete your information in the online enrolment portal. 

If you have applied for the Master of Education, you will always receive a letter of admission or rejection. If you receive a letter of admission for both M.Ed. programmes, you can proceed with the online enrolment procedure on the online portal for the Master of Education.

The application for enrolment (printout of the online registration) for all degree programmes and all additional required documentation must be submitted to the respective Student Administration prior to the deadline for enrolment.

Features specific to certain degree programmes

Some degree programmes have special features that students must be aware of. Further information can be found in the Online Course Finder. Select your subject there.

Enrolment or change of degree programme?

If you are currently enrolled at Heidelberg University, it is not necessary to re-register or re-enrol in the Master’s degree programme – but you must officially change your degree programme.
Following confirmation, and prior to the established deadline, please change your degree programme in the Student Administration office and submit your letter or certificate of admission, the completed application for the change of degree programme, documentation of the completed Bachelor's degree programme and, if applicable, any other documents requested in your letter of admission.