German citizensEnrolment in the 1st Academic Semester

Bachelor, State examination and Magister Theologiae

Depending on the application and admission procedure for your desired degree programme, you are required to submit an application to Heidelberg University prior to the application deadline.

If you have applied for an admission-restricted degree programme (subjects with nationwide admission restrictions, university-internal selection procedures, entrance examination procedures), you will find your letter of admission or rejection in your application account. Enrolment for degree programmes with admission restrictions is finalised in writing. You are only required to personally turn up for enrolment in subjects with nationwide admission restrictions.

German citizens are not required to submit an application to enrol in degree programmes without admission restrictions.

Features specific to certain degree programmes

Applications for the degree programme in Medical Informatics, BA 100% must be made to Heilbronn University. Further information on the procedure can be found in our Online Course Finder. Select your subject there.

All degree programmes in Sport Sciences are subject to special conditions. Further information can be found in the Online Course Finder. Select your subject there.

The degree programme Jewish Studies is also subject to special conditions. Further information on the procedures can be found in our Online Course Finder. 

Enrolment or change of degree programme?

Please note: If you are already enrolled at Heidelberg University, you are not required to re-enrol. In this case, it is sufficient to just change the degree programme.