Formalitäten im StudiumChange of Degree Programme

Any change to a degree programme, as it was originally begun, is referred to as a “change of degree programme”. This may constitute a change of one or several subjects (change of subject) and/or a change of degree type. Adding a subject to a teaching degree, or starting a parallel degree programme, is also considered a change of degree programme. 

When changing degree subject in the third semester or later, proof of consultation with the academic advisor from the new subject must be provided. Further information, as well as the application form for a change of degree programme, can be found on the instruction sheet and form for the change of degree programme. 

Similarly, if a student simultaneously changes university and subject after the second academic semester, Heidelberg University requires proof of consultation with an academic advisor from the new subject prior to enrolment. 

Students who receive funding from BAföG (German Federal Training Assistance Act) should also consider the consequences of a change of degree programme for any monetary support they receive. Please refer to the website of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung) for further information: Preconditions for student funding in specific cases. 


It is highly recommended that international students wishing to change degree subject seek advice from the International Student Advising Office.