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Department 2.1: Student Administration

Student Administration covers all processes from admission and enrolment to exmatriculation. The department also tracks the selection process and answers questions regarding the subjects and faculties, such as subject combinations, deadlines, and registration for exams.

The department coordinates the application and admissions process for international applicants to all programmes of study, including verification and assessment of foreign educational certificates. It is also responsible for administrative affairs of international students during their stay in Heidelberg. As a partner for the faculties, the department evaluates foreign coursework and degrees completed abroad for possible crediting.


Responsibility Contact
Head Alexander Keitel
Admissions Team  
Coordination of undergraduate admission procedures, dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV) Anita Romanovits
Coordination of admission procedures n.n.
Coordination of admission procedures, graduate degree programmes n.n.
Master of Education, change of institution Daniel Girolami

Guest students, transfer students

Sabine Bruckner
Administrative Team  
Team management, second degree, fees, university access for vocationally qualified persons     Anja Kanzler
Student administration A - BIM Sandra Mayer
Student administration BIN - CI Marina Groß
Student administration CJ - FQ Ursula Büssecker
Student administration FR - HAG Kathrin Neff
Student administration HAH - KEG Daniela Djorovski
Student administration KEH - LUC Curt Riedinger
Student administration LUD - PETERM Tommy Klier
Student administration PETERN - SCHMIDT, L: Sigrid Huxel
Student administration SCHMIDT; M. - THOM Mona Fallert-Fraunhammer
Student administration THON - Z Julia Ewald
 Doctoral Students' Office Team
Team management, doctoral registration, reports on doctoral studies Anke Rösel
Support for online doctoral file heiDOCS, exemption from compulsory enrolment for doctoral students     Christine Schilling
Support technische Dienste heiDOCS,
Uni-ID für Promovierende, 
Promotionsmeldung StaLA, Gebühren
Andreas Klinkhof
Administrative and Admissions Office for International Students  
Higher education equivalencies
Basic questions on admission of prospective international students
Coordination of the selection and admission process of prospective international students for all degree programmes
Doris Kuhn
International Students Office:
Scholarship recipients, continuing master’s programme students
Admissions processing by country
Nandita Rothermund-Bucher
International Students Office:
Pre-programme students (German course and Studienkolleg)
Scholarship recipients (without ERASMUS and EXCHANGE PROGRAMMES)
Admissions to continuing master’s programme
Admissions to Master Degrees: Double and Joint Degree Programmes
Admissions processing by country
Kristina Koturic
International Students Office:
Pre-programme students (German course and Studienkolleg)
Scholarship recipients (without ERASMUS and EXCHANGE PROGRAMMES)
Admissions processing by country
Heike Simon
International Students Office:
Admissions to consecutive and continuing master's programmes
Admissions processing by country
Ines Fiedler
International Students Office:
Enrolled students A – G (by surname)
Carmen Taomoto Reyes
International Students Office:
Enrolled students H - P (by surname)
Admissions processing by country
Fees processing
Ietza Zepeda Brenes
International Students Office:
Enrolled students Q – Z (by surname)
Admissions processing by country
Anja Truong
International Students Office:
Admissions of scholarship recipients from partner universities

Karola Kersten

Katja Uckermann

Tuition fees for international students

Dr. Yen-Hsi Beyer

Carolin Scipioni


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