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Department 2.1: Student Administration

Student Administration covers all processes from admission and enrolment to exmatriculation. The department also tracks the selection process and answers questions regarding the subjects and faculties, such as subject combinations, deadlines, and registration for exams.


Aufgabe Ansprechpartner
Head Birgit Kramer
Guest students, transfer students Sabine Bruckner
Coordination of undergraduate admission procedures, dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV) n.n.
Coordination of admission procedures, undergraduate degree programmes Anita Romanovits
Master of Education, Hochschulortswechsler Dominik Schneider
Guest students, transfer students Sabine Bruckner
Fees Maren Ehrenreich
Student administration A -BI Sandra Mayer
Student administration BL - CZ Marina Groß
Student administration D - FRIEDMANN Ursula Büssecker
Student administration FRIEDRICH - HIN Sigrid Huxel
Student administration HIP - KOS Daniela Djorovski
Student administration KOT - MIS Curt Riedinger
Student administration MIT - RE Svenja Stieg
Student administration RH - SCHL Kathirn Neff
Student administration SCHM - TER Mona Fallert-Fraunhammer
Student administration TES - Z Julia Ewald


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