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Light-emitting Quasi-particles

Material scientists and physicists from Heidelberg and St Andrews show that light-matter quasi-partic­les can be generated electrically in semiconducting carbon nanotubes. [More...]

Prebiotic Chemistry from Primitive Earth

Researchers from Heidelberg and Essen discovered evidence of organic chemistry from primitive earth in several billion years old samples of quartz deposits from Western Australia. [More...]

WOMAN & MAN: What Unites Us – What Divides Us

In the 10th edition of the research magazine “Ruperto Carola”: 25 academics from Heidelberg University take up the complex differences and points in common between the sexes. [More...]

Higher Precision in Cell Mechanic Research

The scientists from the universities of Heidelberg and Chicago (USA) used optogenetics and mathematical modelling to identify a central molecule in cellular mechanics. [More...]

Study Course Between Heidelberg and Kyoto

Heidelberg University and Kyoto University in Japan now offer a joint international Master’s in Transcultural Studies. Students in the joint Master of Arts programme will receive an MA awarded by both partners. [More...]

Gas Motion in the Centre of the Milky Way

Researchers from Heidelberg University, in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Oxford, recently investigated the motion of gas clouds in a comprehensive computer simulation. [More...]

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