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"Gummy Bear" Versus Needle

A team of young Heidelberg researchers receives a EXIST start-up grant for a new process to manufacture specific active ingredients that in future will allow oral administration instead of painful injections. [More...]

Putting Geodata to Practical Use

The Klaus Tschira Foundation is providing three million euros to fund the establishment of the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology as part of Heidelberg University's Institute of Geography. [More...]

A Peek into the “Birthing Room” of Ribosomes

Heidelberg biochemists gain new insights into ribosome biogenesis that could contribute to a greater understanding of ribosomopathies and may also be applied to cancer research. [More...]

Research Council awards cutting-edge research

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded Heidelberg researcher Prof. Dr Lorenz S. Cederbaum an ERC Advanced Grant for outstanding research leaders in Europe. [More...]

Zika Virus: Structure of Key Enzyme

Using X-ray structure analysis and a highly potent enzyme inhibitor, researchers succeeded in clarifying the structure of a key enzyme of the Zika virus at the atomic level. [More...]

Advanced Grant for Quantum Physics

The European Research Council grants approx. 2.4 million euros to Prof. Dr Markus Oberthaler and his research project to explore the generation of quantum mechanical properties in complex systems. [More...]

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