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International Conference: Japan and the World

How did Japan open up to the world in the 19th century and what influence did its reforms have on world history? That is the topic at an international conference to take place from 3 to 5 July in Heidelberg. [More...]

Phenomenon of Superconductivity

Using an exotic quantum superfluid that originates in a two-dimensional atomic gas, researchers from Heidelberg University are closing in on the phenomenon of superconductivity. [More...]

South Asia Institute Invites to a “Nepal Day”

With its “Nepal Day” the South Asia Institute of Hei­del­berg University wants to inform the public about the situation in that country after the devastating earth­quakes. This is an Open Day on 3 July 2015. [More...]

Approval for Three Collaborative Research Centres

Heidelberg University succeeded in gaining support from the DFG: The "Material Text Cultures" CRC was approved for a second funding period while two CRCs in medicine are newly established. [More...]

Marine Expedition Investigates Climate Dynamics

An international team led by Heidelberg University geoscientists will embark on a four-week marine expedition in the Tropical West Atlantic to study historical precipitation changes. [More...]

Asteroid Research Benefits From Gaia

Astronomical research on asteroids, i.e. minor planets, is also benefiting from the large-scale Gaia mission of the ESA. The astrometry satellite has tracked down a multitude of minor planets in our solar system. [More...]

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Universität Heidelberg Panoramas

Friday 03rd July 2015

02:00 PM


03:00 PM

Was das Herz bewegt – von Molekülen, Sinfonien und Versagen

Dr. med. Benjamin Meder, Privatdozent für das Fach Innere Medizin

03:00 PM

Aktueller Stand der Dünndarm- und multiviszeralen Transplantation

Dr. med. Arianeb Mehrabi, Privatdozent für das Fach Chirurgie

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