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Florian Diekert Receives ERC Starting Grant

Economist Prof. Dr Florian Diekert is receiving a highly endowed ERC Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC). ERC funding in the amount of approx. 1.4 million euros is being provided. [More...]

At the Top with Ten Highly Cited Researchers

Heidelberg University is the most successful university Germany-wide, on the list of highly cited researchers, that has just appeared. With ten researchers it is in second place in Germany. [More...]

New Regulator of Immune Reaction Discovered

Cells of the immune system can distinguish between protein molecules that are "self" and "non-self". Researchers have now identified a switch that regulates the reactions of the immune system. [More...]

New Collaborative Research Centre in Chemistry

Heidelberg University is receiving a new collaborative research centre. The German Research Foundation is providing nine million euros for CRC 1249, "N-Hetero­polycycles as Functional Materials". [More...]

Bertalanffy Lecture on Cell Division

In two lectures at Heidelberg University, Prof. Dr Marcos Gonzalez-Gaitan is going to give insights into his research on developmental and cellular biology, focusing on aspects of cell division. [More...]

Carbon Nanotubes Couple Light and Matter

With their research on nanomaterials for optoelectronics, scientists have succeeded for the first time to demonstrate a strong interaction of light and matter in semiconducting carbon nanotubes. [More...]

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