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New Research Training Group

A new Research Training Group (RTG) will be exploring special questions in the field of geometry. The German Research Foundation awarded funding in the amount of approximately four million euros. [More...]

Heidelberg Research Cooperations

The Volkswagen Foundation has awarded funding in the amount of 460,000 euros to two international research projects by Heidelberg University researchers with Partners in Russia and the Ukraine. [More...]

Fish Can Regenerate Eye Injuries

Fish are able to regenerate injuries to the retina at the cellular level. Scientists at Heidelberg University's Centre for Organismal Studies have now decoded how this regeneration starts. [More...]

Predicting Cell Behaviour

Scientists have developed a mathematical model to explore cellular processes: with the corresponding software, they are able to simulate how collections of cells behave on given geometrical structures. [More...]

Very Sharp and Very Good: LUCI

A new universal device for astronomical observation has been finalised and tested successfully. The in­stru­ment named LUCI allows to record images and spectra in the infrared with outstanding quality. [More...]

Dust from Beyond the Solar System

Heidelberg-designed dust detector on the Cassini space probe has identified extremely rare particles of interstellar dust from outside our solar system and examined their chemical composition. [More...]

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