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THE Ranking: Heidelberg 37th in the World

Having surged ahead by 33 spots compared to last year, Heidelberg University now ranks 37th in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking, moving up to second place in Germany. [More...]

7th German-Brazilian Symposium

The interaction between human societies and re­sources is the overall theme of the German-Brazilian Sym­po­sium for Sustainable Development, to take place until 10 October 2015 in Heidelberg. [More...]

Excellence in Cancer Research

Biologist Dr. Sylvia Erhardt has been awarded the 2015 Hella Bühler Prize. The prize is aimed at young researchers whose outstanding cancer research has garnered well-deserved attention. [More...]

Dr. Rudolph Perkins Receives Research Grant

Starting this September, Ruperto Carola welcomes US mathematician Dr. Rudolph Perkins, recipient of a research grant from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. [More...]

Scales of Knowledge

Heidelberg University’s Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe” will host an international conference focused on how scales are selected in pursuing research and the investigative methods used. [More...]

Top Recipient of Public Funding

In the ranking list of the 40 highest publicly funded universities in Germany, Heidelberg University is in second place with a total of 274.7 million euros in DFG funds. [More...]

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Tuesday 06th October 2015

07:00 PM

ATTO, ein Riesenturm für die Klimaforschung am Amazonas

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kesselmeier, Max-Planck-Institut für Chemie, Mainz

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