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Nerve Cell Communication

A cleavage product of the Alzheimer's APP protein stimulates nerve cell communication. An research team has gained new insights into the molecular mechanism underlying its physiological functions. [More...]

New Class of Fellows Appointed to the Marsilius-Kolleg

A new class of fellows has been appointed to the Marsilius Kolleg, Heidelberg University’s interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Study, at the beginning of the summer semester 2018. [More...]

Globular Clusters as Relics of Star Formation

The globular clusters that surround our Milky Way are nearly as old as the universe. Computer si­mu­la­tions suggest that these clusters were formed via the same mechanisms as our galaxy's new-born stars. [More...]

Digital Research Tool For Classical Scholars

The Digital Corpus of Literary Papyri (DCLP), a new digital tool for researching ancient literature, is now available. The database has information on 15,000 fragments of ancient works. [More...]

ERC Starting Grant for Heidelberg Historian

Heidelberg historian Dr Ivan Sablin has been awarded a highly endowed ERC Starting Grant for excellent young researchers from the European Research Council (ERC). [More...]

New Building for Innovation Campus

As part of the innovation campus "Heidelberg 4 Life", the Ministry of Science will support a new building with 25 million euros. The construction is related to the network "Biology at the Nanoscale". [More...]

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