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Official Opening of HCTS

An inauguration ceremony will mark the opening of the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS). The institution is dedicated to foster a cross-disciplinary dialogue on transcultural interactions. [More...]

Voluntary Climate Action

What is it that prompts citizens in Germany to do some­thing about climate change on a voluntary basis? Of major significance here is a mixture of factual know­ledge, subjective assumptions and hearsay. [More...]

Processes of Cell Division

Current research findings on the processes that occur in the cell nucleus and during cell division in multi­cellular orga­nisms are in the focus of the DKFZ-ZMBH Alliance Forum 2014 to be held in Heidelberg. [More...]

Health, Qualifications and Motivation

Health, qualifications and motivation are the crucial factors determining whether, as a consequence of demographic change, wage-earners can or should go on working past the age of 67. [More...]

Tracking the HI Virus

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research funds a joint project for the advancement of new methods of microscopy. Approx. 4.6 million euros are granted for the next three years. [More...]

Cellular Protein Transport System

In their research on cellular protein transport, Heidel­berg researchers have succeeded in characterising the structure and function of another important element of this complex transport system. [More...]

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