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Vice-Presidents Re-elected

The four Vice-Presidents of Heidelberg University have been re-elected to a second term by the Senate of Ruperto Carola. The vote passed by a large majority in recent Senate session. [More...]

New Research Training Group

A new Research Training Group (RTG) will be exploring special questions in the field of geometry. The German Research Foundation awarded funding in the amount of approximately four million euros. [More...]

Research Council awards cutting-edge research

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded Heidelberg researcher Prof. Dr Lorenz S. Cederbaum an ERC Advanced Grant for outstanding research leaders in Europe. [More...]

Heidelberg Research Cooperations

The Volkswagen Foundation has awarded funding in the amount of 460,000 euros to two international research projects by Heidelberg University researchers with Partners in Russia and the Ukraine. [More...]

Advanced Grant for Quantum Physics

The European Research Council grants approx. 2.4 million euros to Prof. Dr Markus Oberthaler and his research project to explore the generation of quantum mechanical properties in complex systems. [More...]

Approvals for Collaborative Research Centres

Heidelberg University succeeded in gaining support from the DFG in the latest approval round, recieving funding for four research networks. Total funding for all four consortia is over 46 million euros. [More...]

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