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New Technologies for Astronomical Research

The German Research Foundation has approved funding of approx. 1.1 million euros for the development of micro-optical systems for use in astronomical instruments. [More...]

An Atom Trap for Water Dating

A Heidelberg physics project funded with approximately one million euros by the German Research Foundation (DFG) will focus on a new type of dating method for use in the earth and environmental sciences. [More...]

Circuit Diagram of the Brain

Researchers have developed a new algorithm that can extract the connections in the brain – the links between all the nerve cells – with far greater precision than previously possible from microscopic images. [More...]

Cornerstone Laying Ceremony

The Bergheim campus will be home to the new Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS). The new research facility will cost approximately 27.2 million euros and take three years to build. [More...]

Selim Jochim Receives ERC Consolidator Grant

Heidelberg researcher Prof. Dr Selim Jochim has received a prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant for excellent young researchers from the European Research Council (ERC). [More...]

Research Project on Protein Aggregation

Prof. Dr Bernd Bukau has been awarded a grant of approximately 280,000 euros from the Baden-Württemberg Foundation for a project on the neurodegenerative disorder of Parkinson's disease. [More...]

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