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Research Training Group In Diabetes

The Research Training Group DIAMICOM (IRTG), which is preparing researchers in the field of diabetes research, will continue its work at Heidelberg University for another four-and-a-half years. [More...]

Gradual Decline of Dinosaurs

According to latest research results, the gradual decline of the dinosaurs presumably came before the impact of the Chicxulub asteroid and the global mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous Period. [More...]

How Plants Form Their Sugar Transport Routes

In experiments on transport tissues in plants, researchers from Heidelberg University were able to identify factors of crucial importance for the formation of the plant tissue known as phloem. [More...]

Distinction for Ten Young Scholars

The “Manfred Lautenschlaeger Award for Theological Promise” will be presented on 26 May 2017. The prize-winners include two whose award-winning research was done at Heidelberg University. [More...]

Neuromorphic Computing: New Research Facility

With a sum of six million euros, three private sponsors have secured the funding for a new facility intended for Heidelberg scientists in the Human Brain Project who are developing pioneering computer systems. [More...]

Motor Neurons Tell Blood Vessels Where To Go

Heidelberg Neuroscientists have identified a critical regulator for blood vessel growth in the developing embryonic spinal cord. The findings were published in "Nature Communications". [More...]

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