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Approved For Two Collaborative Research Centres

The German Research Foundation (DFG) has granted millions for joint networks in lipid research and plant processes, where Heidelberg researchers are key players. [More...]

Automatic Cell Tracking in Microscopy Images

Researchers from Heidelberg have developed a new computer-based image analysis method to automatically track the movement of cells in microscopy images. [More...]

Unique Underwater Stalactites

Researchers have identified a small group of stalactites that appear to have calcified underwater instead of in a dry cave. The Hells Bells in the El Zapote cave on the Yucatán Peninsula are just such formations. [More...]

Hydrothermal Activity on Enceladus

Observations from the European-American Cassini-Huygens mission indicate that heat from the friction of rocks could be the “engine” for hydrothermal activity on Saturn's moon Enceladus. [More...]

Rohini Kuner Receives HMLS Investigator Award

In recognition of her efforts to consolidate innovative research in the research city of Heidelberg and to advance the life sciences, Prof. Dr Rohini Kuner has received this year's HMLS Investigator Award. [More...]

Heidelberg Most Successful German University

On the list of highly cited researchers, that has just appeared, Heidelberg University is represented with nine researchers. Heidelberg is superbly placed and the most successful university in Germany. [More...]

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Monday 18th December 2017

02:15 PM

Travel History: Reconstructing Travelers Semantic Trajectories Based on Heterogeneous Social Footprints

Attention: date changed: now on the 18th of December!!! Amon Veiga Santana, Institute of Geography, Heidelberg University

04:00 PM

Labour and Capital in India's Informal Economy

Prof. Jan Breman, Amsterdam Institute for Social Research, University of Amsterdam, Niederlande

04:15 PM

Schöne neue Welt: Wie »Digital« die Industrie in Deutschland verändert

Dr. Dominik von Achten, HeidelbergCement, Heidelberg

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