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Beginning Of The End Of An Open Star Cluster

Researchers at Heidelberg University have now verified the existence of a tidal tail in the star cluster closest to the Sun, the Hyades. An analysis of measurements from the Gaia satellite led to the discovery. [More...]

Two Junior Professorships in AI

Heidelberg University will be home to two of the ten junior professorships in artificial intelligence (AI) recently set up by the state. Baden-Württemberg Minister of Science made the announcement. [More...]

Bifacial Stem Cells

So-called bifacial stem cells are responsible for one of the most critical growth processes on Earth – the formation of wood. A team of researchers at Heidelberg University were recently able to demonstrate this. [More...]

Sulfate Helps Plants Cope With Water Scarcity

An research team led by scientists from Heidelberg University has uncovered how sulfate controls the production of the drought stress hormone in plants and thus contributes to their drought-resistance. [More...]

Open star clusters live longer than assumed

A study under the direction of Associate Professor Dr Geneviève Parmentier at the Centre for Astronomy now shows that open star clusters can have a much longer lifespan than previously assumed. [More...]

Understanding Ocean Ventilation

The age of the water in the world's oceans is critical for understanding ocean circulation. Researchers recently used an atomic physics technique they developed to determine the age of deep ocean water. [More...]

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