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Was Our Primeval Sun Hyperactive?

Shortly after its birth, our Sun was probably a very turbulent, hyperactive star. This is indicated by geoscientific analyses of rock inclusions from a meteorite originating in our early Solar System. [More...]

New Class of Fellows at the Marsilius-Kolleg

A new class of fellows took up its work at the Marsilius-Kolleg of Heidelberg University: Fifteen Heidelberg scientists engage in interdisciplinary research projects. [More...]

Failed Stars Or Super-Planets?

Brown dwarfs fill the “gap” between stars and the much smaller planets. The question of their origin has not been clarified. An answer could now be provided by astronomers at the University of Heidelberg. [More...]

National Climate Policy Pays Off

The efforts of developed economies to reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by boosting the use of renewable energy sources and increasing energy efficiency are beginning to pay off. [More...]

Traffic Jam in the Cell

Heidelberg researchers comprehensively identify the composition of small transport vesicles for the first time. The vesicles transport proteins to the places they are needed in the cells. [More...]

A Volcanic Binge And Its Frosty Hangover

Researchers from Heidelberg University and colleagues from Mexico have discovered remnants of a large igneous province that resulted from vast lava flows. At the time, it extended over three continents. [More...]

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Friday 26th April 2019

06:15 PM

Unpresidented: Liberalism, Democracy, and the Politics of Truth after the Election of Donald Trump

Prof. Dr. David Greenberg, Rutgers University, New Brunswick (USA), School of Communication and Information

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