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Plants Emit Greenhouse Gas Nitrous Oxide

The earth‘s flora emits considerable amounts of nitrous oxide that contributes to the greenhouse gas effect. Unlike human-induced global warming, however, this process is part of a natural effect. [More...]

Approval for Two Cluster Proposals

Heidelberg University has won support for two proposals from the Clusters of Excellence funding line within the framework of the Excellence Strategy of the federal and state governments. [More...]

How Protein Complexes Form in the Cell

Heidelberg researchers gain fundamental new insights into synthesis of biologically active complexes. The results were published in “Nature”. [More...]

Successful Placement in THE Ranking

The 2018/2019 Times Higher Education World University Ranking places Heidelberg University third after the two universities in Munich. Internationally it ranks 47th, making it one of the world's “Top 50”. [Mehr...]

New Findings on the Formation of Matter

Nuclear physics experiments, performed at the highest energy levels worldwide using the ALICE detector at the Large Hadron Collider of the CERN, open up a view into the beginnings of the universe. [More...]

New Emmy Noether Junior Research Group

A new Emmy Noether junior research group has taken up its work to study changes in climate variability since the last ice age. Dr. Kira Rehfeld will receive funding totalling approximately 1.5 million euros. [More...]

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Thursday 18th October 2018

06:00 PM

Vielfalt statt Normalität?

Prof. Dr. Norbert F. Schneider, Bundesinstitut für Bevölkerungsforschung, Wiesbaden

06:15 PM

The Van Rensselaers: An American Aristocracy in a Changing World

Dr. Jonas Anderson, Universität Jena

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