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European University Alliance

Four strong European research universities, including Heidelberg, have founded a European University Alliance. The presidents signed a corresponding declaration in Paris. [More...]

ERC Starting Grant for Malaria Research

Heidelberg malaria researcher Dr Silvia Portugal has been awarded a highly endowed ERC Starting Grant for excellent young researchers from the European Research Council (ERC). [More...]

New Building for Innovation Campus

As part of the innovation campus "Heidelberg 4 Life", the Ministry of Science will support a new building with 25 million euros. The construction is related to the network "Biology at the Nanoscale". [More...]

Formation of Bacterial Spores

Bacterial spores store information about the individual growth history of their progenitor cells, thus retaining a "memory" that links the different stages of the bacterial life cycle. [More...]

New Head of Administration Elected

The University Council and Senate have elected a new Head of Administration of Heidelberg University. The members of the two bodies voted for Dr Holger Schroeter by a large majority. [More...]

Award for Basic Biomedical Research

Two excellent young researchers in Heidelberg have received the Chica and Heinz Schaller Award for their work in the field of basic biomedical research. They will each receive 100,000 euros. [More...]

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