Business, Industry and Academia

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Business cooperations are a key component of Heidelberg University’s institutional strategy. Companies get quick access to current findings of basic research, and scholars and scientists can fold their work into practical applications, thus making innovations useful.

Industry Cooperations and Technology Transfer

Sternenlicht Physik 100x100 The “Industry on Campus” project, a cooperative effort between Heidelberg University and industrial enterprises on campus, is part of the university’s institutional strategy. Two leading-edge clusters further enhance this cooperation.

Networks and Information Sharing

Katalyseforschung 100x100 Due to the proximity of Heidelberg University to the outside research institutions and the companies in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area, countless networks for promoting dialogue have emerged.

Commitment and Support

Jubilaeum Goldmedaille 100x100There are any number of ways to support research and teaching at Heidelberg University. Companies can participate in a specific project or commit to a long-term cooperation with the university.

Jobs and Careers

Personal 100x100The graduates of Heidelberg University fuel both industry and society with fresh, new talent. Scientists at Heidelberg University also lend their expertise in founding new companies.


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