MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAMMEStarting in an Advanced Academic Semester

The nature of the application and admission process for entry to an advanced academic semester in a Master’s degree programme will depend on the chosen subject and the respective prerequisites of the applicants.

The application is made online via the heiCO portal of Heidelberg University - regardless of nationality and intended degree programme. There are currently still a few exceptions to this rule. 

Please find out whether your desired degree programme at Heidelberg University has an admission restriction in the higher semester.

Finding your subject


A Master’s degree programme is an additional academic course which is generally undertaken following the successful completion of a Bachelor’s degree programme. Other undergraduate courses however, can also prepare students to begin a Master’s-level programme. A Master’s degree programme generally consists in four academic semesters. In some cases, courses may run for a total of two or three semesters. Graduates of a Master’s degree programme will usually receive a Master of Science (M.Sc) or a Master of Arts (M.A).