Faculty of Behavioural and Cultural StudiesGerontology, Health, and Care – Degree Programme Component in the Master of Education

Students enrolled in the ‘Gerontology, Health and Care’ degree programme apply multidisciplinary approaches to dealing with general and specialised issues related to ageing and age.

Information about the Master of Education

The Master of Education is a degree preparing for a future teaching job. In the section "Become a teacher" you will find all the information about the course of the complete teacher training programme from the choice of the subject, the bachelor’s and master’s phase to the teaching practice.
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Facts & Formalities

DegreeMaster of Education
Type of programmeConsecutive
Start of programmeWinter and summer semester
Standard period of study4 semesters
Fees and contributions151.05 € / Semester
Application procedureProcedure for the Master of Education degree programme for vocational school educators
Application deadlinesInformation about deadlines can be obtained after you have put together a degree program.
Part-time optionYes

Course Content

Students will be taught in depth specialised and didactic knowledge and skills in the areas of gerontology, nursing and geriatrics. In addition, they will acquire essential competencies in the areas of biography research and epidemiology, care and quality management, economics, legal aspects in the context of care and health politics as well as empirical research. In their school placement, they will gain practical experience for the career field “schools” and can directly apply the pedagogical and didactic knowledge acquired during the programme and have the opportunity to reflect on their academic education (linking theory and practice).

Graduates are able to plan the teaching units appropriately, both in terms of specialised knowledge and according to the specific situation, and can reflect on their approaches. They are able to analyse, describe, understand and sustainably steer teaching and learning processes. By designing the learning situation with the help of various methodological approaches, they support students’ learning and competence acquisition. They are proficient in the area of organising education and training in the area “nursing and care” and can convey the foundations of the pedagogy and of staff management in continuing vocational education.

Course Structure

The Master's degree programme Gerontology, Health and Care is a module programme and comprises a total of 120 credits (CP):

  • 47 CP for the subject Gerontology, Health and Care
  • 31 CP for the second subject; this includes the specialised as well as the didactic modules
  • 11 CP for the education studies course components
  • 16 CP for the school placement
  • 15 CP for the Master's thesis

The subject Gerontology, Health and Care includes the vocational compulsory modules, vocational pedagogy and specialised didactics. In their first year, students will initially consolidate their knowledge in the subject Care as well as their specialised didactics skills, will increase their expertise in lesson planning and vocational pedagogy. They will also receive (research) methodological training with additional focus topics and continue their education in the subject Care, highlighting the areas of legal aspects/law, economics, care and quality management as well as epidemiology and biography research. In the second year, they will dedicate 12 weeks, including follow-up work, to the school placement with the remaining time being allocated to the Master's thesis.

Additional degrees

Bachelor 67%

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