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Anatomy and Cell Biology, Institute for [DE]
Ancient History and Epigraphy, Department of
Animal Welfare Officer
Anthropology, Institute for
Anti-Corruption Commissioner
Applied Mathematics, Institute for
Association of the Non-Professorial Teaching Staff at Heidelberg University (VAM) [DE]
Assyriology, Institute for
Astronomical Computing, Institute for (ARI)
Astronomy of Heidelberg University, Centre for (ZAH)
Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience (BCCN)
Biochemistry Center Heidelberg University (BZH)
Biomedicine and Medical Technology Mannheim, Centre for (CBTM)
BioRN - Life Science Cluster Rhine-Neckar
Botanical Gardens
Catalysis Research Laboratory (CaRLa)
Center for Molecular Biology of Heidelberg University (ZMBH)
Central Data Protection Office of the Universities of Baden-Württemberg (ZENDAS)[DE]
Centre for Advanced Materials (CAM)
Centre for Organismal Studies Heidelberg (COS)
Centre for Social Investment (CSI)
Chinese Studies, Institute of
Civil Law, Industrial Law and Insolvency Law, Institute for
Classical Archaeology and Byzantine Archaeology, Institute for
Classical Philology, Department of
Clinical Chemistry, Institute for
Clinical Pharmacology, Institute for
Clinical Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Institute for
Clinical Trials, Coordination Centre for
Cluster of Excellence 3D Matter Made to Order
Cluster of Excellence STRUCTURES
Commissioners for disabled and chronically ill students [DE]
Communications and Marketing
Comparative Law, Conflicts of Law and International Business Law, Institute for
Computational Linguistics, Department of
Computer Engineering, Institute of (ZITI)
Computer Science, Institute for
Criminology, Institute of
E-Learning-Center (ELC)
Earth Sciences, Institute of
East Asian Art History, Institute of
East Asian Studies, Centre for
Eastern European History, Department of
Economics, Alfred Weber Institute for
Ecumenical Institute
Education Studies, Institute for
Egyptology, Institute for
EIT Health
Electron Microscopy Core Facility (EMCF)
English, Department of
Environmental Economics, Research Centre for (RCEE)
Environmental Officer (Dr. Biskup) [DE]
Environmental Physics, Institute of
Equal Opportunities Commissioner (Administrative, Technical and Laboratory Staff) [DE]
Equal Opportunities Commissioner (Students and Faculty)
European Art History, Institute for (IEK)
European Historical and Cultural Studies, Centre for (ZEGK)
Faculty Disability Services [DE]
Faculty of Behavioural and Cultural Studies
Faculty of Biosciences
Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences [DE]
Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
Faculty of Law [DE]
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science [DE]
Faculty of Modern Languages [DE]
Faculty of Philosophy [DE]
Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
Faculty of Theology [DE]
Financial and Tax Law, Institute for
Forensic Medicine and Traffic Medicine, Institute for [DE]
Franconian and Palatine History, Institute for
Geography, Institute of
German and European Administrative Law, Institute for
German and European Company and Economic Law, Institute for
German as a Foreign Language, Institute for
German Language and Literature, Department of
German, European and International Medical Law, Public Health Law and Bioethics of Heidelberg University and the University of Mannheim, Institute for
Gerontology, Institute for
Graduate Academy
GRK 1874: Diabetic Microvascular Complications (DIAMICOM) (International Research Training Group)
GRK 1940: Particle physics beyond the standard model
GRK 1953: Statistical Modelling of Complex Systems and Processes - Advanced Nonparametric Approaches
GRK 2058: High Resolution and High Rate Detectors in Nuclear and Particle Physics (HighRR)
GRK 2099: Hallmarks of Skin Cancer: Cancer Cell Dissemination, Primary Resistance, Novel Targets
GRK 2229: Asymptotic Invariants and Limits of Groups and Spaces
GRK 2244: Authority and Trust in American Culture, Society, History and Politics
GRK 2277: Statistical Modelling in Psychology (SMiP)
GRK 2350: Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Psychosocial and Somatic Conditions Across the Lifespan
GRK 2450: Tailored Scale-Bridging Approaches to Computational Nanoscience
Heidelberg Biosciences International Graduate School (HBIGS)
Heidelberg Center for American Studies (HCA)
Heidelberg Center for Cultural Heritage (HCCH)
Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American Studies (HCIAS)
Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE)
Heidelberg Center Latin America (HCLA)
Heidelberg Centre South Asia (HCSA)
Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing (HCI)
Heidelberg Graduate School for Humanities and Social Sciences (HGGS)
Heidelberg Graduate School for Physics (HGSFP)
Heidelberg Graduate School of Mathematical and Computational Methods for the Sciences (HGS MathComp)
Heidelberg Karlsruhe Strategic Partnership (HEiKA)
Heidelberg School of Education (HSE) [DE]
Heidelberg University Biochemistry Center (BZH)
Heidelberg University Office Kyoto
Heidelberg University Publishing
Heidelberger Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS)
heiQUALITY Office
History of Law, Institute for
History, Department of
Human Genetics, Institute of [DE]
Ibero-American Studies, Centre for (IAZ)
Immunology, Institute for [DE]
IMPRS for Astronomy and Cosmic Physics
IMPRS for Precision Tests of Fundamental Physics
IMPRS for Quantum Dynamics
IMPRS for Successful Dispute Resolution in International Law
Infectious Diseases, Virology, Department of [DE]
InnovationLab GmbH (iL)
Inorganic Chemistry, Department of
Interdisciplinary Center for Neurosciences (IZN)
Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR)
Interfacultary Biomedical Faculty (IBF)
International Academic Forum (IWH)
Islamic Studies
IT Representatives [DE]
Japanese Studies, Institute for
Joint Research Center for Biodiversity [DE]
Kirchhoff Institute for Physics
Language Centre [DE]
Languages and Cultures of the Near East, Department of
Latin Philology of the Middle Ages and the Modern Era, Department of
Law, Department of
Leibniz ScienceCampus: Empirical Linguistics and Computational Language Modeling (LiMo)
Liaison Office Nordamerika, New York
Mannheim Institute for Public Health (MIPH)
Mannheim Molecular Intervention Environment (M²OLIE)
Mathematical Institute
Medical Biometry, Institute of [DE]
Medical Faculty Heidelberg
Medical Faculty Mannheim
Medical History and Ethics, Institute for [DE]
Medical Psychology, Institute for [DE]
Medical Research Center (ZMF)
Medical Statistics, Biomathematics and Information Processing
Microbiology and Hygiene, Institute for
Molecular Systems Engineering, Institute for (IMSE)
Musicology, Department of
Network Aging Research (NAR)
Nikon Imaging Center (NIC)
Organic Chemisty, Institute of
Papyrology, Institute for
Pathology, Institute of
Pathology, Institute of [DE]
Pharmacology and Toxicology, Institute for
Pharmacology, Institute of
Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology, Institute of
Philosophy, Department of
Physical Chemistry, Institute for
Physics, Institute for
Physiology and Pathophysiology, Institute of
Political Science, Institute for
Prehistory, Protohistory and Near-Eastern Archaeology, Institute of
Psychology, Institute of
Religious Studies, Institute for
Research Center for International and Interdisciplinary Theology, Heidelberg University (FIIT)
Romance Studies, Department of
Semitic Studies
Service Centre Neuenheimer Feld [DE]
SFB 1036: Cellular Surveillance and Damage Response
SFB 1101: Molecular Encoding of Specificity in Plant Processes
SFB 1118: Reactive Metabolites as a Cause of Diabetic Complications
SFB 1129: Integrative Analysis of Pathogen Replication and Spread
SFB 1134: Functional ensembles: cellular components, patterned activity and plasticity of co-active neurons in local networks
SFB 1158: From Nociception to Chronic Pain: Structure-function Properties of Neural Pathways and Their Reorganisation
SFB 1225: Isolated Quantum Systems and Universality under Extreme Conditions (ISOQUANT)
SFB 1249: N-Heteropolycycles as Functional Materials
SFB 1324: Mechanisms and functions of WnT signaling
SFB 1366: Vascular Control of Organ Function
SFB 1389: Understanding and Targeting Resistance in Glioblastoma
SFB 873: Maintenance and Differentiation of Stem Cells in Development und Disease
SFB 881: The Milky Way System
SFB 933: Material Text Cultures: Materiality and Presence of Writing in Non-Typographical Societies
SFB/TRR 152: TRiPs to Homeostasis: Maintenance of Body Homeostasis by Transient Receptor Potential Channel Modules
SFB/TRR 156: The Skin as Sensor and Effector Organ Orchestrating Local and Systemic Immune Responses
SFB/TRR 165: Waves to Weather
SFB/TRR 179: Determinants and Dynamics of Elimination versus Persistence of Hepatitis Virus Infection
SFB/TRR 186: Molecular Switches in the Spacio-temporal Control of Cellular Signal Transmission
SFB/TRR 191: Symplectic Structures in Geometry, Algebra and Dynamics
SFB/TRR 209: Liver cancer - new mechanistic and therapeutic concepts in a solid tumour model
SFB/TRR 235: Emergence of Life: Exploring Mechanisms with Cross-Disciplinary Experiments
SFB/TRR 257: P3H: Particle Physics Phenomenology after the Higgs Discovery
SFB/TRR 265: Losing and Regaining Control over Drug Intake: From Trajectories to Mechanisms to Interventions
SFB/TRR 83: Molecular Architecture and Cellular Functions of Lipid/Protein Assemblies
Slavic Studies, Institute for
Sociology, Max Weber Institute for
South Asia Institute (SAI)
Sports and Sports Sciences, Institute of
Staff Council Heidelberg University [DE]
Staff Council Heidelberg University Hospital [DE]
State Observatory Königsstuhl (LSW)
Studies of the Ancient World, Centre for
Study of Christian Social Service, Institute for the
Theological Seminary
Theoretical Astrophysics, Institute of
Theoretical Physics, Institute of
Transfusion Medicine und Clinical Immunology, Institute for
Translation and Interpreting, Institute of
University Administration
University Archives
University Computing Centre
University Council
University Library
Welcome Centre
Youth and Trainee's Representatives [DE]