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What is EIT Health?

Changing demographics give rise to the question of how to promote healthy living and active ageing in Europe.
With participation from Heidelberg University, the EIT Health Consortium was founded in November 2014 with the goal to improve the quality of life of European citizens and the sustainability of healthcare systems. More than 130 companies, research institutes and universities from 14 countries in Europe are pooling their expertise in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical technology, research and startup activities. With a budget of 2 billion euros through the end of 2022, EIT Health funds research projects, start-ups and education programmes. It focuses on developing and marketing intelligent products and services as well as training the young health experts of tomorrow.

Priority issues

EIT Health invests in innovative products and services that help people take charge of their own health ("Promote Healthy Living"). Appropriate workplace programmes ensure individuals stay professionally and socially connected and active throughout life ("Support Active Ageing"). Further, EIT Health seeks to better integrate healthcare services and preventive measures, especially in the treatment of chronic diseases ("Improve Healthcare").

Organisation of activities

EIT Health activities are divided into three areas.


EIT Health Accelerator helps the best and the brightest entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry get their ideas on the market. They have access to a European network of testing environments, living labs and investors.

In this connection, Heidelberg University joins forces with Heidelberg Startup Partners e.V. and EIT Health Germany GmbH to organise the "{Life Science} meets IT Hackathon" from 19–21 May 2017. Over 80 young professionals and students from multiple countries work together in interdisciplinary teams to develop innovative solutions combining healthcare and IT.

Contact for Accelerator: Dr. Raoul Haschke,, Phone +49 6221 54-12614


The EIT Health Campus offers education programmes for future healthcare leaders and entrepreneurs. It cooperates closely with leading universities to transform healthcare training in Europe and incorporate the entrepreneurial aspects.

The summer schools are an essential element of this initiative. Beginning in 2015, universities and business partners have offered two- to three-week summer schools that combine academics with entrepreneurial skills. The schools are held each year in different European cities. Together with several partners, Heidelberg University is preparing an application for its own summer school in 2017.

Contact for Campus: Dr. Raoul Haschke,, Phone +49 6221 54-12614


The EIT Health Innovation Projects programme generates new ideas in healthcare and ushers them into the European healthcare systems. These ideas range from lifestyle intervention and nutrition to treating chronic diseases and improving healthcare systems. The programme is divided into two areas. "Innovation by Ideas" includes solution-oriented and bottom-up projects; "Innovation by Design" handles projects that are driven by a recognised market need or deliver tangible results for a societal problem.

Through the Mannheim Institute for Public Health, Heidelberg University is involved in an AbbVie "Innovation by Ideas" project designed to improve employee health, work ability and productivity; 100 healthcare experts will receive training.

Contact for Innovation Projects: Dr. Raoul Haschke,, Phone +49 6221 54-12614



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