Welcome to the Nikon Imaging Center at the University of Heidelberg

Special Covid 19 regulations as of June 16, 2020

Due to Covid 19, the use of the Nikon Imaging Center is only possible under some restrictions that are briefly outlined in the following.

At the moment we still cannot offer trainings for new users.

You may book any microscope you've been trained on yourself via PPMS.

Only a single person is allowed to work on one microscope at a time. There is an exception to this: After consultation with the NIC team, it is also possible for two people to work together, with one instructed user operating the device and taking pictures for the other, non-instructed person, or if the instructed person is supervising the non-instructed in taking images on the microscope. Again: this is only allowed after consulting the NIC-team! Both persons must keep 1.5m distance to each other and wear a face mask.

There are currently no assisted sessions at a microscope together with someone from the NIC-Team. However, after prior arrangement it is possible to get extended help at the microscope via remote desktop and voice/video connection. Help can also be requested via instant messenger during office hours.
Images of your samples with the 2-photon microscope, the UltraMicroscope and the InVi-SPIM can currently only be taken by the NIC team without you.

In all rooms except U13 and U28, several microscopes can be used simultaneously. However, if two people are working on one microscope, then another microscope must remain unused (an important reason why 2 persons on one microscope are only allowed with our agreement).

The number of persons in the rooms is limited to the following numbers:

  • Room U04 (2 analysis PCs): 2 persons with face mask (not required if there's only one).
  • Room U13 (C2, ERS-6): 1 person (because the room is very small).
  • Room U15 (Ni-E, VoX-Ti, TIRF): 3 persons. On the Ni-E the curtain must be closed and for the VoX-Ti and the TIRF the cabin doors must be closed. All persons must wear face masks. If one of the microscopes is used by two persons, then the second must remain outside the cabin or the area behind the curtain to keep the 1.5m distance.
  • Room U29 (Ti-HCS, Ti-TuCam, N-SIM): 2 persons with face mask (not required if there's only one).
  • Room U30 (UltraMicroscope): no user access.
  • Room U36 (InviSPIM + A1r confocal): 2 persons with face mask (not required if there's only one).

There must be a 30 minutes gap between two bookings of one particular microscope. For example, if the VoX-Ti in U15 is booked from 14 - 16h, then the next booking can only be made from 16:30. The TIRF and the Ni-E can continue to be used during this time.

It is no longer necessary to wrap cling film around the keyboard. However, we recommend that you wear gloves and in any case wash your hands with soap for 30 seconds before and after a session. Microscope eyepieces should always be disinfected with ethanol. Precise hygiene measures are available at the microscope workstations.

Please remember that all actions are about keeping yourself and others healthy. Should a Covid 19 infection occur in the BioQuant, the NIC as well as the entire BioQuant would most likely be closed.


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