Welcome to the Nikon Imaging Center

Because of Covid 19, there is currently a strict rule that only a single person may work on each microscope. Each visitor to the NIC must wear an FFP2 mask. It is important that these masks fit properly: those who are very small, for example, must wear a children's mask.
If there are important reasons for working in pairs on a microscope, please contact us. Describe why it is important. If we can understand it, then we would block another microscope in the room for the time of joint work, so that no more people can be in the room than allowed.
Please also note that there must be a half hour break between two uses of a microscope to allow aerosols to be removed by the ventilation.

For those who are not yet users of the Nikon Imaging Center: If you would like to use one of our microscopes, you must register with us via the Internet and describe your project in a training request form. Read here for a detailed description how this is done. Please note that at the moment we do trainings exclusively for individuals.

Depending on the task, a microscope training may only be possible in close physical vicinity and may take several hours. In this case, we reserve the right to refuse training as long as the infection situation is critical.

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