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Apply now to participate: Microscopy Course of the Nikon Imaging Center at the University of Heidelberg March 25 - 29 2019 at the BioQuant.

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The course aims at Post-docs and PhD students who want to deepen their understanding of advanced microscopy and imaging of thick specimen. The course covers different approaches of high resolution 3-D imaging - with a special emphasis on live cell imaging (see pdf flyer for a list of topics). There are no formal requirements, but we expect the participants to have already a basic understanding of fluorescent microscopy.

The course is a full weeks program with theory lectures in the morning (9:00 - 12:30 daily, Wednesday 14:30-16:00) and practical tutorials in the afternoon. For organizational reasons we can only accept 12 people for the practical sessions this year. Participants for the practicals will be selected based on their application and need to be affiliated with the University of Heidelberg.

Registration is also required for the theory lectures in the morning.

Costs: for practical sessions Euro 200.-
(No costs for members of BioQuant, CellNetworks, COS, SFB873, SFB1134 and SFB1324).

Please download the application form (Course 2019 application.pdf ) to register for the course and use acrobat reader to fill it in. Filled-in application forms should be sent to nic.course@gmail.com.

Application deadline is February 22, 2019

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