How to book a microscope in the NIC?

If you are already a registered user, you may directly book the system(s) you've been trained on via PPMS.

If you are not yet a NIC user and you want to do microscopy with us, you need to create an account with the NIC and send a training request.
Here's a description of the required steps:

Before you are able to create a personal account or request a training through our user management and scheduling system (PPMS), it is necessary that your group already has a group account set up. The reason for this is that from July 1, 2011 on we're obliged to charge user fees and a group's principal investigator (PI) must be willing to pay these fees. Please contact your PI first and ask him whether your group is already registered at the NIC.

  1. If your group is already registered go to, click "Account creation request" and fill out the form.
    On the bottom of that page is a list named "Group". Look for your group (the groups are NOT listed alphabetically!) and click "Submit form". Now continue with step 3.

  2. If your group is not yet registered, ask your PI whether he or she is willing to bear the costs (see Pricelist.pdf). Now your PI has to fill out the file Groups parameters.pdf and send it from his or her personal email account to us (this is the proof for us that the PI is willing to bear the costs).
    Now go to and click "Account creation request". Fill out the form and click on the bottom of the page in the list named "Group""My group is NOT in the list" (first option). Next click "Submit form". Your account is now set up but will only be activated by us once we have created your group after we received the "Groups parameters.pdf" from your PI. And only then will you be able to book microscopes.

  3. Now you may go to and click on "request a training". On the "Training request" page there are two options:
    • "Microscopy Training Request Form" for microscopy
    • "Image Analysis Training Request Form" if you need training in image analysis

    On the next page there are 2 lists at the top: Find your name in the 1st or 2nd list, depending on whether your account is already activated or not. As soon as your personal account is active we will receive a message that there is a pending training and this allows us to schedule a training appointment. Only then you will get feedback from us.

If you have questions regarding PPMS please contact Nicolas Dross.


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