The Nikon Imaging Center offers a variety of microscopic systems, covering a wide range of applications (the room number where each system is located is shown in brackets).

A1R confocal microscope of pointscanning type. With additional resonant scanner and 32-channel spectral detector. 6 laser lines available (Room U28).
C2 confocal microscope of pointscanning type (Room U13).
N-SIM confocal + widefield microscope, super resolution microscope of the structured illumination type (Room U29).
TriM-Scope two photon confocal microscope with photomultiplier and CCD signal detection, extended IR rage, FLIM-detection (Room U14).
ERS-VoX confocal microscope of the spinning disk type. Allows acquisition of two channels simultaneously (soon to come) (Room U15).
ERS-6 confocal microscope of the spinning disk type. With FRAP unit (Room U13).
TIRF Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence microscope with widefield and epifluorescence capabilities + FRAP unit (Room U15).
NiE upright widefield research microscope with epifluorescence and DIC. (Room U15).
BioStation widefield high content screening with phase contrast and epifluorescence (Room U15).
Ti-TuCam simultaneous 2 channel widefield imaging, epifluorescence and FLIM-detection (Room U29).
Ti-HCS advanced widefield high content screening with brightfield and epifluorescence illumination (Room U29).
SMZ25 widefield stereo zoom microscope with 0.5x and 2x long working distance optics plus a 25x zoom range. With epifluorescence illumination. Ultra high sensitive b/w-camera and a medium resolution color camera (Room U15).
LaVision Ultrascope II Light sheet microscope for big specimen (Room U30).
Luxendo InVi-SPIM Light sheet microscope for small samples and live imaging (Room U36).
SMZ1270 stereo microscope with epifluorescence illumination (Room U03).


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