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Equal Opportunities Commissioner of Heidelberg University

Equality is a continuous effort which needs to be adjusted constantly to fit current requirements. It involves the university as a whole. Much has been accomplished in recent years: Equality plays a pivotal role at Heidelberg University. The ratio of female professors is increasing and equal opportunity measures as well as services at Heidelberg University [1] have not only been effective internally, but have also received positive recognition from outside. And yet, a lot remains to be done. At our university, too, female postdocs are still faced with a glass ceiling. [2] Their academic expertise is not sufficiently utilised in science and research and, as a consequence, their skills remain untapped. [3] Safeguarding and securing this potential is a matter of equal opportunity, but it is important for the university‘s performance in national and international competition as well. [4] The same applies to the capabilities and competencies of other groups. Be it people who come to us as migrants, or who take on family responsibilities, students and researchers with physical disabilities, or older colleagues: for all these groups we need to establish open spaces and points of transition with the help of equal opportunity offers. [5]

The goal is to create equal opportunities and chances by reflecting on needs and requirements, thereby strengthening Heidelberg University‘s reputation as an attractive employer and innovative research site. Achieving this goal requires further structural changes, conduct that is geared towards gender equality and equal opportunity, as well as individual support – an effort that concerns all of us.


Prof. Dr. Katja Patzel-Mattern,    2016-07-11 Patzel-mattern 5
Equal Opportunities Commissioner
Professor of Economic and Social History
Grabengasse 3-5
69117 Heidelberg
06221 54 3973


I offer an office hour for matters of equal opportunity once a month. Please visit my website for the exact dates. To avoid waiting times, please sign up for the office hour beforehand.



Prof. Dr. Martina Muckenthaler,
Deputy Equal Opportunities Commissioner
Im Neuenheimer Feld 350
69120 Heidelberg
06221 56 6923






[2] Heidelberg: Activity Report Equal Opportunity Heidelberg University 2016.

[3] Germany-wide: Joint Science Conference of the Federal Government and Länder (GWK): 20. Update to Data (2014/2015) on Women in Higher Education Institutions and Non-academic Research Establishments.

[5] Diversity Strategy of Heidelberg University:

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