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Family-friendly university


18th announcement of the Margarete von Wrangell Habilitation Programme for Women

Unihd Skulptur Hauptstr126 08With the Margarete von Wrangell Habilitation Programme the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg wants to encourage qualified researchers to qualify as a professor by offering them financial support. Funding takes the form of an employment (pay grade 13/TV-L) limited to five years, three years of which are financed by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Wuerttemberg and the European Social Fund, and two years are funded by the respective university. Application deadline is 09 September 2020.     -> more


"Family-friendly university" and survey: What to do for families?


On June 15, 2020, the University of Heidelberg was certified as a "family-friendly university" for the fourth time. You too can help shape the family-friendliness of the university. For this purpose we have designed a survey in which you can take part here. The survey period is until 14 July 2020.

                             -> read more



Coronavirus Pandemic

Studying and Research with Family in times of COVID-19

For the past few weeks, we have all been dealing with a situation that demands a lot from a lot of us. This is particularly the case for university members with families. The University is doing its best to respond to the needs of its members in a flexible manner. With this information leaflet we can hopefully answer the most pressing questions:

• How can I study or work during the summer term – and which regulations are in place to help to reconcile this with my family responsibilities?
• Which child care offers can I rely on as a researcher or student?
• How can I reconcile care responsibilities with my studies / my work at the University?
• How will my fixed-term employment contract be extended if I have been taking care of my children at home for weeks?

These questions and many more will be answered in five information packages which we have compiled below. The information is as varied and current as possible, and we will keep it up to date. However, if there is anything missing – and new Information is becoming available continuously – please contact us with the information you would like to share or obtain.
To find a perfect solution for every case might not be possible. If you are having difficulties or if anything is unclear, here are points of contact to turn to:

Equal Opportunities:

Human Resources Division:

Staff Council:


Info Package A: Regulations concerning studying and working with family at Heidelberg University
On this page you can find information about workplace modalities, day-care facilities and study regulations.


Info Package B: Regulations concerning fixed-term employment and scholarship contracts, regulations concerning deadlines for research proposals and projects
In this section, the focus is on regulations concerning employment contracts and deadlines of funding bodies for research and project proposals


Info Package C: Federal regulations and regulations of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg regarding families and financial questions
Here are cited the federal regulations and regulations of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg concerning family matters. Furthermore, you can find Information on financial questions.


Info Package D: Support offers
Despite the provisions in place, some situations require assistance beyond the general offers of support. This section lists some addresses providing such assistance. 

Info Package E: Interesting links
There are issues important or difficult for families right now. We have collected some links for those who are interested in reading up on Topics.


(as of 24.4.2020)


Availability of the Equal Opportunities Office

For the time being, the best way to contact us is by email: If you send us an email, we will assist you with your inquiries. In case you would like to talk to us directly, please send us an email with your telephone number and times during which you can be reached – we will call you back. (Advanced) trainings scheduled for the summer term will be offered in digital form. Details will soon be made available on this website.


Inquiries, Counselling Sessions, Scheduling Appointments and Information


Equal Opportunities Commissioner
Prof. Dr. Christiane Schwieren:

Equal Opportunities at the Faculties, WALK SAFE Programme
Charlotte von Knobelsdorff:

Gender Consulting and Management
Dr. Agnes Speck:

Service for Families – Children’s Centre
Andrea Steinmann:

Studying with Child(ren), Diversity Management, Cooperation Research Networks
Evelyn Kuttikattu:

Funding Programmes and Career Tracking​, ​​Gender Controlling
Carmen Waiblinger:

Diversity Projects, Concierge-Service
Annika Werner:

Project Assistance
Bettina Wieser:


We are of course still there for you during the Corona pandemic! In case of problems with mobbing, stalking, sexual harassment, or consulting requests on these topics, you can still reach us via e-mail during office hours. We can then arrange a personal, telephone or video appointment. Obviously, the consultations will take place in compliance with the necessary distance and hygiene regulations. And data security is guaranteed with the university's video conferencing program. Certainly, we will continue to treat everything concerning these topics as confidential. 


Study Parents Funds


To support students with children during the Corona pandemic, the "Study Parents Fund" was established at the University of Heidelberg. Students with children at the University of Heidelberg who are not able to use childcare due to the Corona Pandemic and need short-term and spontaneous financial support to organise or finance childcare themselves are eligible for support from the "Study Parents Fund".  -> more


Gender and Diversity Studies summer semester 2020

Unihd Internatstudent 6828

University Heidelberg offers a wide variety of lectures and courses related to the subjects gender and diversity. Here you can find an extensive list of the courses currently offered.




Online Tutorial on Gender Bias in Appointment Procedures

Modul-anhoeren GoldThe online tutorial “Gender Bias in Appointment Procedures” offers information and recommendations on how to avoid discrimination. -> more




Against sexual harassment, bullying and stalking

GespraechIt is the task of science to recognise social problems, to analyse them and to suggest solutions. As an institution, Heidelberg University takes on responsibility. The University established courses of action when it comes to dealing with degrading behaviour.-> more

"Familie in der Hochschule" charter

PublikationIn 2017, Heidelberg University was certified as a family-friendly University for the third time by audir berufundfamilie. In 2018, the University also signed the “Familie in der Hochschule” charter. Read the announcement from Heidelberg University. -> more



Heidelberg University Concierge Service


Can you save precious time? Yes, sometimes.The Concierge Service of Heidelberg University will show you how. The individual offers of the Concierge-Service help female researchers and visiting scholars better combine work and family responsibilities. -> more


Gender and Diversity Studies


The summary of courses on Gender and Diversity Studies for the summer semester 2019 is online. -> more




The impact of implicit bias for women in academia

GewichtungLERU has been delving into how implicit bias potentially undermines the academic meritocracy, consulting with Europe’s leading universities that make up its members to find out how they view implicit bias and how they deal with it. -> more



30 Years Equal Opportunity

Logo Gleichstellung Ohne UniEntering its thirtieth year at Heidelberg University, equal opportunity has had many advocates. Established in November 1987, the office of the Women's Representative, now Equal Opportunity Commissioner, can look back on a varied history. -> more



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