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Current call for proposals of the Olmypia Morata Programme

The aim of the programme is to support female academics with a post-doctoral qualification (Habilitation) or a comparable qualification at Heidelberg University. The funding period is up to two years and is usually for a half-time position according to remuneration group 13/TV-L. The application deadline is 20.12.2022.

Online-Workshop: Intercultural sensitization for international students

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21 November 2022   17:00 – 18:00 (zoom)
28 November 2022   17:00 -  19:30 (zoom)
in between: asynchronous tasks (Mahara)

"Intercultural competence" is a broad and sometimes somewhat fuzzy concept, which we will reflect on together in this workshop, guided by theory, and relate to different areas of student experience. One's own perspectives and perceptions play an important role in this process, as they significantly shape assumptions, actions, and evaluations - for example, regarding teaching/learning culture.

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German Diversity Day 2022

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Podcast „Diversity-Spotlights“
Episode 8: „Barriere Karriere?“ | BARRIEREFREIHEIT IN DER WISSENSCHAFT | Gespräch mit Prof. Jochen Guck Externer Inhalt Link

Topic Page Disability — Chronic illness — Accessibility Externer Inhalt Link

Bilingual reading of the international bestseller "Sprache und Sein" / "Speaking and Being" by Kübra Gümüşay, 21.06.22, 1 pm.

No registration required.
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Kenncode: 053010

Diversity events in the summer term:
ONLINE: Basiskurs: Diversity und Antidiskriminierung, 6.07.2022, 10:30 Uhr bis 12:00 Uhr Externer Inhalt Link

ONLINE: Awareness-Training für Mitarbeiter*innen: Antirassismus, 21.07.2022, 16:00 – 19:00 Uhr Externer Inhalt Link


"Rethinking Careers - Ways Towards Scientific Excellence" - Online

Header Bild Karrieren neu denken6 International perspectives on post-doctoral careers within and outside of the university. What can we learn from UK, US and the Netherlands?

Wednesday, 11 April 2022, 4–5.30 p.m.
Panel discussion – in English

Dr. Helke Hillebrand / Graduate Academy University of Heidelberg
Ella Ulrike Klenke (PhD) / National Institutes of Health Washington D.C.
Ines P. Perpetuo (PhD) / Imperial College London
Inge C. M. van der Weijden (PhD) / Leiden University

7 Rethinking Careers — Ways Towards Scientific Excellence. Perspectives from Politics and Scientific Institutions

Monday, 16 May 2022, 10 a.m.
Panel discussion

Theresia Bauer / Minister of Science, Research and Art, Baden-Württemberg
Dr. Sabine Behrenbeck / Head of the Department of Tertiary Education / Wissenschaftsrat
Dr. Armin Krawisch / Head of the Group of Graduates and Career Support / Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft
Ilka Schießler-Gäbler / Head of Unit of Programmes & Networks / Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
Prof. Dr. Karin Schumacher / Prorector for Quality in Development / University of Heidelberg

The event is open for members of the university; signing up is not necessary.

Access via Zoom:
(Code: 533928)

Find more information on the event series here.


Campus campaign: "Heidelberg University - show respect, promote diversity, work together"

As a part of the Baden-Württemberg-wide campaign “zieh einen Schlussstrich” (“To put an end to something”), the Heidelberg University sets an example for a respectful and fair companionship and against sexual harassment, bullying, stalking and discrimination.


Funding Programs for Women Scientists at Heidelberg University - Information Event (ONLINE)

- date is postponed -

The event on 21.04.2021 from 10:00 - 12:00 offers information on research funding and career development programs for female scientists. An overview of the various programs and their aims will be given, as well as information on calls for proposals and support options for applications.The target group for this event is advanced female doctoral candidates and female postdocs at Heidelberg University.

The registration process is conducted through the Equal Opportunity Office. Please register at:
For further information, please contact:

Carmen Waiblinger,



Hiwi support for university members with family responsibilities

DrittmittelMembers of the University of Heidelberg with children or relatives to be cared for, who are preparing or holding lectures for the winter semester 2020/21 and who also have care responsibilities, can receive direct support.  
To provide support, the financing of a student assistant (up to 35 hours per semester) or a research assistant (up to 20 hours per semester) can be applied for.
In the informal application, the family situation must be described and the necessary support by a student assistant must be justified.  
Applications can no longer be submitted.



Study Parents Funds


To support students with children during the Corona pandemic, the "Study Parents Fund" was established at the University of Heidelberg. Students with children at the University of Heidelberg who are not able to use childcare due to the Corona Pandemic and need short-term and spontaneous financial support to organise or finance childcare themselves are eligible for support from the "Study Parents Fund".  -> more




Online Tutorial on Gender Bias in Appointment Procedures

Modul-anhoeren GoldThe online tutorial “Gender Bias in Appointment Procedures” offers information and recommendations on how to avoid discrimination. -> more





"Familie in der Hochschule" charter

PublikationIn 2017, Heidelberg University was certified as a family-friendly University for the third time by audir berufundfamilie. In 2018, the University also signed the “Familie in der Hochschule” charter. Read the announcement from Heidelberg University. -> more



Heidelberg University Concierge Service


Can you save precious time? Yes, sometimes.The Concierge Service of Heidelberg University will show you how. The individual offers of the Concierge-Service help female researchers and visiting scholars better combine work and family responsibilities. -> more



Gender and Diversity Studies


The summary of courses on Gender and Diversity Studies for the summer semester 2022 will be online soon.




The impact of implicit bias for women in academia

GewichtungLERU has been delving into how implicit bias potentially undermines the academic meritocracy, consulting with Europe’s leading universities that make up its members to find out how they view implicit bias and how they deal with it. -> more




18th announcement of the Margarete von Wrangell Habilitation Programme for Women

Unihd Skulptur Hauptstr126 08With the Margarete von Wrangell Habilitation Programme the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg wants to encourage qualified researchers to qualify as a professor by offering them financial support. Funding takes the form of an employment (pay grade 13/TV-L) limited to five years, three years of which are financed by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Wuerttemberg and the European Social Fund, and two years are funded by the respective university. Application deadline is 09 September 2020.     -> more

30 Years Equal Opportunity

Logo Gleichstellung Ohne UniEntering its thirtieth year at Heidelberg University, equal opportunity has had many advocates. Established in November 1987, the office of the Women's Representative, now Equal Opportunity Commissioner, can look back on a varied history. -> more



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