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Family-friendly university


Brigitte-Schlieben-Lange programme

FoerderungThe Brigitte-Schlieben-Lange programme (BSLP) is a funding programme for excellent female junior researchers with children. The program is currently announced. -> more



Online Tutorial on Gender Bias in Appointment Procedures

Modul-anhoeren GoldThe online tutorial “Gender Bias in Appointment Procedures” offers information and recommendations on how to avoid discrimination. -> more




Against sexual harassment, bullying and stalking

GespraechIt is the task of science to recognise social problems, to analyse them and to suggest solutions. As an institution, Heidelberg University takes on responsibility. The University established courses of action when it comes to dealing with degrading behaviour.-> more

"Familie in der Hochschule" charter

PublikationIn 2017, Heidelberg University was certified as a family-friendly University for the third time by non-profit Hertie foundation. In 2018, the University also signed the “Familie in der Hochschule” charter. Read the announcement from Heidelberg University. -> more



Heidelberg University Concierge Service


Can you save precious time? Yes, sometimes.The Concierge Service of Heidelberg University will show you how. The individual offers of the Concierge-Service help female researchers and visiting scholars better combine work and family responsibilities. -> more


Gender and Diversity Studies


The summary of courses on Gender and Diversity Studies for the summer semester 2019 is online. -> more




The impact of implicit bias for women in academia

GewichtungLERU has been delving into how implicit bias potentially undermines the academic meritocracy, consulting with Europe’s leading universities that make up its members to find out how they view implicit bias and how they deal with it. -> more



30 Years Equal Opportunity

Logo Gleichstellung Ohne UniEntering its thirtieth year at Heidelberg University, equal opportunity has had many advocates. Established in November 1987, the office of the Women's Representative, now Equal Opportunity Commissioner, can look back on a varied history. -> more



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