Research Centre for Environmental Economics (RCEE)

Research Center for Environmental Economics

Forschungszentrum für Umweltökonomik (FZU)



The Research Center for Environmental Economics (Forschungszentrum für Umweltökonomie, FZU) brings together a dynamic group of economists who all work on solving pressing problems situated at intersection of the natural environment and the economy. We use theory, empirical, and experimental methods for better understanding the challenges of sustainable resource management and to provide relevant policy recommendations. Use this webpage as a platform to stay tuned in on our work or to explore the various projects we are involved in, many of them interdisciplinary.


The paper “Cold Case: The Forensic Economics of Energy Efficiency Labeling for Refrigeration Appliances” by Timo Goeschl has just been accepted for publication in Energy Economics.

van den Broek, K. L., Walker, I., & Klöckner, C. A. (2019). Drivers of energy saving behaviour: The relative influence of intentional, normative, situational and habitual processes. Energy Policy, 132, 811-819.

The paper 'Leveling Up? - An Inter-Neighborhood Experiment on Parochialism and the Efficiency of Multi-Level Public Goods Provision' (with C. Gallier, M. Kesternich, J. Lohse, C. Reif and D. Römer) has been published by the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 164 (August 2019), 500-517.

van den Broek K. L. Stakeholders' perceptions of the socio-economic and environmental challenges at Lake Victoria. Lakes & Reserv. 2019;00:1–7.

Van den Broek, K.L. (2019). Household energy literacy: A critical review and a conceptual typology. Energy Research & Social Science, 57, 101256.

Schaap, R. & Richter, A., (2019), Overcapitalization and social norms of cooperation in a small-scale fishery, Ecological Economics, Volume 166, 106438,


Mikaële Charpentier joined the Research Center for Environmental Economics as administrative support staff on October 1st. Previously, Mikaële worked for Airbus, where she was project manager and operative leader (language).

Sina Klein joined the RCEE as a postdoctoral researcher in October. Sina is a cognitive psychologist by training and joined us from the University of Landau where she completed her PhD a couple of months ago.

Alice Solda is a new postdoctoral researcher at the RCEE. A behavioral/experimental economist by training, Alice joined us in September from the University of Lyon/Queensland Univ. of Technology where she recently earned her PhD.

Luisa Lorè, from the University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’, spent September 2019 at the RCEE as a visiting researcher. The purpose of Luisa’s visit was to contribute to our field experiments on the economics of food waste.

Environmental Economics Brownbag Seminar

Upcoming talk:

17.12.2019 Vincenzo Mollisi (University of Mannheim)
Title: The Productivity Effect of Public-Private Partnership

Time: 12:30 - 14:00 hours
Location: ZEW, room "Heinz-König-Hall"

You can find the abstract here.


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