Research Centre for Environmental Economics (RCEE)

Research Center for Environmental Economics

Forschungszentrum für Umweltökonomik (FZU)



The Research Center for Environmental Economics (Forschungszentrum für Umweltökonomie, FZU) brings together a dynamic group of economists who all work on solving pressing problems situated at intersection of the natural environment and the economy. We use theory, empirical, and experimental methods for better understanding the challenges of sustainable resource management and to provide relevant policy recommendations. Use this webpage as a platform to stay tuned in on our work or to explore the various projects we are involved in, many of them interdisciplinary.




Ever wondered whether your refrigerator is really as efficient as it said on the energy efficiency label in the store? - The paper “Cold Case: The Forensic Economics of Energy Efficiency Labeling for Refrigeration Appliances” by Timo Goeschl has just been published in Energy Economics.


Goeschl, T., J. Lohse, S. Kettner, C. Schwieren: "How much can we learn about voluntary climate action from behavior in public goods games?" has been accepted for publication in Ecological Economics. The title says it all.


Solda, A., Ke, C., Page, L., & Von Hippel, W. (2019). Strategically delusional .Experimental Economics, 1-28.


Environmental Economics Brownbag Seminar

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