FZU - ZEW EnvEcon Monthly Brownbag Seminar

FZU-ZEW EnvEcon Monthly Brownbag Seminar


Termin / Date:  Di., Tue. 12.30 - 14:00, einmal im Monat

Ort / Location: Seminar Room (room # 215) FZU, Bergheimer Str. 20, 69115 Heidelberg or in the Raum Luxemburg at the ZEW, L7, 1, 68161 Mannheim.  Everybody is welcome!

The FZU-ZEW seminars are organized jointly with the ZEW Mannheim and take place in Heidelberg (HD) or Mannheim (MA).

The next  FZU-ZEW EnvEcon Monthly Brownbag will take place Tuesday, March 20th, 12:30 to 14:00 hours at the ZEW, room Hamburg, L7,1 68161 Mannheim



Presenter: Frederick van der Ploeg (University of Oxford)

Abstract: This paper analyses optimal corrective taxation and optimal income redistribution. The Pigouvian pollution tax is higher if pollution damages disproportionally hurt the poor due to equity weighting of pollution damages. Moreover, under general utility functions, optimal pollution taxes should be set below the Pigouvian tax if the poor spend a disproportionate fraction of their income on polluting goods. However, if preferences for commodities are of the Gorman (1961) polar form, optimal pollution taxes should follow the first-best rule for the Pigouvian corrective tax even if the government wants to redistribute income and the poor spend a disproportional part of their income on polluting goods. The often-used quasi-linear, CES and Stone-Geary utility functions all belong to the Gorman polar class. If preferences are Gorman polar, and if pollution taxes are not optimized, Pareto-improving green tax reforms exist that move the pollution tax closer to the Pigouvian tax. Simulations demonstrate that optimal corrective taxes should be Pigouvian if the demand for polluting goods is derived from a LES demand system, but deviate from the Pigouvian taxes if demand for polluting goods demand is derived from a PIGLOG demand system.



All interested persons are welcome!


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17.04.18 Frederick van der Ploeg (University of Oxford)




16.01.18 Camila Steffens (University of Sao Paolo)

Title: Cigarette Consumers Behavior: Effects of Smoking Bans in Brazil



23.05.17 Tobias Pfrommer (FZU)

Title: Learning by Negligence - Torts, Experimentation, and the Value of Information


18.4.17 Wolfgang Hablan (ZEW)

Title: Strategic Delegation and International Permit Markets: Why Linking May Fail


21.3.17  Nicola Pavanini (Tilburg U)

Title: Welfare and redistribution in residential electricity markets with solar power


13.12. Florian Diekert (FZU)

Title: Why do fishermen comply with regulations? ? The role of preferences




18.10.Frank Pothen (Leibniz University of Hannover)

Title: Distributional Aspects of Household Material-Footprint. The Case of Germany*


26.07. Miguel Angel Tovar

Title: Cost-effectiveness and Incidence of Renewable Energy Promotion in Germany



Title: Environmental Policy and Simultaneous Incentives for Process
and Product Innovation: Theory and Experimental Evidence


19.04.  Claire Gavard (ZEW)

Title: Limited Trading of Emissions Permits as a Climate Cooperation Mechanism? US-China and EU-China Examples


08.03. Daniel Römer (ZEW)

Title: The Power of Active Choice: Field Experimental Evidence on Repeated Contribution Decisions to a Carbon Offsetting Program (with Florens Flues and Martin Kestenich)


16.02. Stefan Trautmann

Title: Climate Policy Commitment Devices


19.01.16 Claudio Bacchianti

Title: Traffic Jam on the Path for Green Growth: the Macroeconomics of Sectoral Climate Policies


15.12.15 Hannes Lohse (FZU)

Title: An Online Experiment on Cooperation and Groupishness across Urban Districts


17.11. Claire Gavard (ZEW)

Title: Flexibility in the Market for International Carbon Credits and Price Dynamics Difference with European Allowances


20.10. Goytom Kahsay (ZEW)

Title: Individual behavior in consumer elective pricing: the role of uncertainty


29.09. Fredrik Carlsson (University of Gothenburg)

Title:  Does the Water Spill Over? Spillover Effects from a Social Information Campaign



16.06. Stefan Lamp (Yale University)

Title:  Projection Bias in Solar Electricity Markets



21.04. Florian Landis (joint work with Peter Heindl)

Title:  Distributional Effects of EU Energy and Climate Policy across Countries and Income Levels


13.03. Koichiro Ito (Boston University)

Title: The Economics of Attribute-Based Regulation: Theory and Evidence from Fuel-Economy Standards


24.02. Israel Waichman (FZU)

Title: Title: Reciprocity in Labor Market Relationships: Evidence from an Experiment Across High-Income OECD Countries


20.01.15 Frank Pothen

Title: A Structural Decomposition of Global Raw Material Consumption


16.12. 14Johannes Diederich (FZU)

Title: Ambient Noise and Cooperation in Public Good Games


11.11. Miguel Angel Tovar Reanos

Title: Fuel for inequality:  Distributional effects of a subsidy to electrical vehicles


21.10. Daniel Heyen (FZU)

Title: Information acquisition under Ambiguity - Why the Precautionary Principle may keep us uninformed


16.09. Florian Landis(ZEW)

Title: Matching of abatement efforts as a catalyst for coalition formation in global climate negotiations?


15.07. Nils Kok (U Maastricht)

Title: overview talk of his research on energy efficiency in building, including a new paper on CSR and the cost of debt


17.06. Tobias Pfrommer (FZU)



20.05. Sascha Rexhäuser (ZEW)

Title:  Invention in Energy Technologies: Comparing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Inventions at the Firm Level


15.04.14 Prof. Timo Goeschl (FZU)

Title:  Blind trust and cooperation in costly monitoring environments" (mit J. Jarke)


18.03.14 Shunsuke Managi (Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan)

Title: Disaster, Energy and Economy


18.02.14 Daniel Heyen (FZU)

Title: Free-rider vs. free-driver -- R&D incentives for environmental technologies


21.01.14 Christiane Reif (ZEW)

Title: Consistent or balanced? On the dynamics of voluntary contributions


12.12.13 Antoine Dechezleprêtre (London School of Economics)

Title: Knowledge spillovers from clean and dirty technologies: A patent citation analysis (2013)


19.11.13 Israel Waichman (FZU)

Title: Asymmetry and coordination in the collective-risk social dilemma – an experimental study


15.10.13      Kathrine Lausted Veie

Title:  The Amenity Cost of Road Noise


17.09.13     Michael Hübler und Frank Pothen (ZEW)

Title:  The Optimal Tariff in the Presence of Trade-Induced Productivity Gains


16.07.13    Johannes Lohse (FZU)

Title:  Cooperation in public good games: Calculated or confused?


18.06.2013    Sacha Rexhäuser (ZEW)

Title:  Green Innovations and Organizational Change: Making Better Use of Environmental Technology


14.05.2013   Daniel Heyen (FZU)

Title:  The Intergenerational Transfer of Solar Radiation Management Capabilities and Atmospheric Carbon Stocks


16.04.2013   Nikolas Wölfing (ZEW)

Title: Asymmetric Pass-through of Emission Allowances Prices in Power Wholesale and its End: Part 2


19.03.2013  Johannes Jarke (FZU)

Title:  Costly Monitoring and the Emergence of Blind Trust


19.02.2013 Claudio Baccianti

Title:  Energy Conservation Policies under Household Heterogeneity and Uncertainty


22.01.2013 Johannes Diederich (FZU)

Title: Group size and the provision of public goods: An experiment with a diverse German subject pool


18.12.2012  Nikolas Wölfing

Title:  Asymmetric Pass-through of Emission Allowances Prices in Power Wholesale and its End: Part 1 - The Effect of Regulatory Scrutiny

16.06.12  Peter Heindl (ZEW)

Title: Financial Intermediaries, Market Power, and Tradable Permits


17.07.12 Dr. Anke Leroux (Monash University)

Title: An opimal portfolio of urban water supply assets under climate change


14.08.12  Alexander Glas and Michael Hübler (ZEW)

Title: The Energy-Bias of South-North Convergence - A Global Bilateral, Bisectoral Panel Estimation


18.09.12. Prof. Dietrich Harlan Earnhard (University of Kansas)

Title: Effluent Limits and Monitoring: Do Regulators Inspect Polluters Facing Tighter Limits Differently?


16.10.12 Miguel Angel Tovar Reanos

Title: The structure of energy efficiency investment in the UK households and its average monetary and environmental savings


11.12 Johannes Lohse (FZU)

Title: Public good games and public good provision – is there a difference? Evidence from an artefactual field experiment.


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