TransferExpert Opinions & Impact Assessments

Scientists from Heidelberg University support institutions and decision-makers at the national and international level who face complex issues. Science-based expert opinions and impact assessments can be provided on request.

Expert opinions and impact assessments are instruments of scientific consulting that contribute to a scientifically sound evaluation of measures and decisions. Scientists from Ruperto Carola working in the fields of law, political science, gerontology, and psychology prepare expert opinions on specific facts and prepare information such that it is usable for stakeholders in politics, industry, the economy, and society. Numerous expert opinions on topics of social importance have been prepared over the years. Noteworthy examples include expert reports on the psychological and legal aspects of sexual abuse in institutions and organisations, prepared by scientists of Heidelberg University, among others, on behalf of the German Bishops' Conference. Specialists in criminology and gerontology also participated in a research project on the strain of preliminary proceedings on crime victims which was commissioned by the "WEISSER RING" Foundation. Recommended actions for the police, public prosecutors, and courts were developed based on this project. The Centre for Social Investment and Innovations (CSI) of Heidelberg University regularly conducts trend studies, such as on the cooperative relationship between foundations and their partners.

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