Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American StudiesFrancisco Moreno-Fernández Appointed to Academia Europaea

10 August 2022

The Heidelberg Hispanist and sociologist will contribute to the linguistics section

Hispanist and sociologist Prof. Dr. Francisco Moreno-Fernández, director of the Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American Studies (HCIAS) of Heidelberg University, has been appointed to membership of the Academia Europaea. This scholarly association based in London (United Kingdom) gathers together eminent European researchers from all disciplines. The activities of the Academy include promoting top-level interdisciplinary research, as well as advising national and international institutions on academic and scientific issues. Membership is by invitation.

Prof. Dr Francisco Moreno-Fernández

Francisco Moreno-Fernández, who will contribute to the linguistics section of the Academia Europaea, is professor of Ibero-American Linguistic, Cultural, and Social Studies at HCIAS and is one of the outstanding experts worldwide in analysing relations between language and society. His pioneering role lies in a research direction of linguistics that takes account of societal realities and dynamics. This links up with his competence in transposing innovative research into institutional structures that enable knowledge transfer inside and outside academia. At Ruperto Carola Prof. Moreno-Fernández has, at the academic and organisational level, united existing and new competences on Ibero-Latin America at the Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American Studies. As HCIAS director he pursues the aim of systematically expanding this expertise from an interdisciplinary standpoint with respect to the three major areas of academic activity: research, teaching and regional/transregional knowledge transfer. The holder of a professorship from 1996 at the University of Alcalá in Madrid (Spain), Francisco Moreno-Fernández was working at Harvard University (USA) before his appointment as Alexander von Humboldt Professor at Heidelberg University.

The Academia Europaea was founded in 1988 as a non-governmental scholarly society. Prof. Moreno-Fernández was appointed as a new member of the academy after nomination by English linguist Prof. Dr. Peter Trudgill and Norwegian linguist Prof. Dr. Ernst Håkon Jahr.