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Press Release No. 81/2022
28 July 2022

University of Geneva joins the pan-European university association

With the University of Geneva (Switzerland), the second largest Swiss research university is joining the 4EU+ European University Alliance, which was formed by the universities of Prague, Heidelberg, Sorbonne/Paris, Warsaw, Copenhagen and Milan. The Governing Board took the decision to extend the alliance at its meeting in Heidelberg in early July 2022. In view of their common goals in research, teaching and transfer, the alliance hopes that the accession of the University of Geneva will enhance the group’s common and structured activities in research and teaching. At the same time, cooperation with non-university organisations and dialogue with society are to be intensified.

“With Université de Genève we are gaining a comprehensive research university from the heart of Europe as a valuable strategic partner. Both in Switzerland and internationally, the University of Geneva enjoys an excellent reputation as an outward-looking, research-intensive university with outstanding connections in the non-university research landscape,” says Prof. Dr Bernhard Eitel, Rector of Heidelberg University and Chair of the 4EU+ European University Alliance. “Building on existing cooperation, we intend, in the coming years, to advance common strategic projects in the areas of education, mobility and research and to establish 4EU+ as an innovation driver on the European and international educational scene.”

Founded in 1559 by Jean Calvin, the University of Geneva numbers among the best 100 universities in the world with research strengths in the life sciences, elementary particle physics, quantum physics and astrophysics. It entertains intensive relations to the locally based international organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), building upon its unique situation at the heart of International Geneva, a world capital for multilateralism. It makes a considerable contribution to the academic reputation of Switzerland through excellence in research and teaching. The University of Geneva is a member of various European research networks, including the League of European Research Universities (LERU) and the Coimbra Group.

“This alliance brings together some of the most widely recognised universities – all are members of the LERU or LERU/CE7 – with which we already work closely both in teaching and research. We will now be able to take our projects one step further and strengthen academic mobility for our students and researchers,” emphasises Prof. Dr Yves Flückiger, Rector of the University of Geneva. “Europe is facing complex challenges, like the digital transformation of society or the sustainable development goals set forth by the United Nations. They can only be met by a multidisciplinary approach, allowing researchers to work within comprehensive networks such as the one we are delighted to join.”

The 4EU+ European University Alliance, originally 4EU, was founded in March 2018 by Charles University in Prague, Heidelberg University, Sorbonne University in Paris and the University of Warsaw, and in October 2018 became 4EU+ with the addition of the University of Copenhagen and the University of Milan. The group is one of the university alliances that receive funding in the context of the Erasmus+ call “European Universities”. The vision of the 4EU+ Alliance is that of a “European University” on the pattern of a comprehensive research university that connects the students, teachers and researchers at the partner universities.

By supporting strategic higher education partnerships and building up an integrated university system, the European Commission pursues the goal of clustering research, teaching and innovation in Europe in new structures, and thereby modernising and strengthening the European Education Area and increasing its visibility worldwide.

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