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Before you can start studying, you need to apply to and enrol in the university. The respective procedures differ depending on the applicants’ desired degree and nationality.

First year student? Second degree programme? Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, State Examination? There are a number of ways to start your degree course and a variety of final degrees. Prerequisites, deadlines and procedures may differ depending on nationality, number os semesters and desired degree. To ensure that your application and subsequent enrolment goes to plan, we have compiled the most important information for you on the following pages. 

Studierende im Hörsaal

Magister Theologiae

The degree programme Magister Theologiae is equal to a full degree programme in Protestant theology. Graduates who take the ecclesiastical examination normally go on to work in a rectory of an Evangelical church. The faculty examination corresponds to the academic degree of Magister/Magistra Theologiae (Master of Theology).

Further information on application, admission and enrolment procedures can be found in the Online Course Finder. Select your degree programme there.