Subsidiary subject and focus area

Some consecutive Master’s programmes contain a subsidiary subject in their modular structure.

The structure of your desired Master’s programme is explained in the examination regulations, or on the website of the respective faculty. Should a subsidiary subject be required, the examination regulations will define all possible subsidiary subjects, or the examination regulations will define whether a Master’s programme offers a subsidiary subject or not. 
Some Master’s programmes allow the student to specialise in a certain field. This information can also be found in the respective examination rules and regulations or on the website of the respective  Master’s programme.
You may be asked to name your desired subsidiary subject and / or focus area during the online application to your main subject.
As the subsidiary subject is not a major in Master’s programmes, it will not be named in the statement of admission.

Registration of your subsidiary subject

Please consult the academic advisor of your desired Master’s programme as far as the choice of the supplementary subject is concerned.

Once your choice is approved by your academic advisor, please fill in this form and send it to us together your matriculation documents, or no later than two weeks after you submitted the relevant documents for matriculation. If a subsidiary subject is not required for your desired Master’s degree programme, you do not have to send us the form.

The registration of your subsidiary subject is not to be considered as an admission notice for this subject and is not valid as a matriculation confirmation for that particular subject.

The data are being collected for statistical purposes.