Second Degrees at Heidelberg University

A second degree is a second or additional academic programme (or a second or additional Master’s degree programme) which is begun after successful completion of a first degree course (in Germany).


When applying for a second degree, the general application provisions for the respective degree programme must be observed. 

There are special applications features when applying for a second degree in an admission-restricted undergraduate degree programme. The details can be found in the information sheet on second degrees.

If, at the time of application to a degree programme, an applicant has already graduated from another degree programme at a university to which the German Basic Law applies, the degree programme applied for is considered a second degree (degree programmes with restricted admission).

“Universities” hereby include: universities, comprehensive universities, universities of education, colleges of art or music, colleges of physical education, universities of the German Armed Forces, theological colleges, universities of applied sciences including civil service universities of applied sciences. Not included, however, are universities of cooperative education and universities of applied sciences; former professional colleges or schools of engineering.

Admission to a Second Degree

Only a limited amount of places are available for students applying for an undergraduate, admission-restricted second degree programme.

Admission to a second degree will depend in part on the result achieved in the student’s first degree, as well as the significance of the second degree for the student’s desired academic or professional path. Students might apply for a second degree for professional, academic or other reasons.