To ensure high-quality research and teaching, developments have to be addressed early and the progress in visionary projects has to be stimulated. Public funding is not enough to be competitive. This is why Heidelberg University needs a certain margin of freedom to make it easier to respond flexibly to future challenges.

The Ruperto Carola Future Fund wants to enable the university to tackle future requirements and to strengthen the university’s position, both on the national and international level.

Endowment contributions to the Ruperto Carola Future Fund make sure its capital reserve keeps growing. The annual proceeds can be used for any cause deemed necessary, permanently and sustainably. Short-term realisation of future projects as well as a long-term security are favoured by this.

Thanks to the support of our friends and supporters, the endowment has continuously grown over the last couple of years. Please help us continue this development by making a worthwhile contribution to the future of Heidelberg University.

Installation vor dem Mathematikon

Why we support the Ruperto Carola Future Fund

Ulrich Bueff - US-Alumnus

Heidelberg, das Studentenleben und meine Facharztausbildung haben mir sehr in meinem beruflichen Werdegang geholfen. Ich hatte viel Glück. Der Name Universität Heidelberg hat mir viele Türen geöffnet. Dafür werde ich der Universität immer dankbar sein.

Ulrich Bueff, US alumnus

Stephanie Cabell - US-Alumna

I had the pleasure of studying in Heidelberg first in 1980-81 as a Fulbright Scholar and again during graduate school in 1984-88. I have enjoyed staying abreast of how the university has grown since my student days in Heidelberg and take pleasure in seeing students from all corners of the globe are drawn toward Heidelberg for the same reasons I was: a quality education, a beautiful and welcoming city, and that castle on the hill.

Stephanie Cabell, US alumna

Arkadius Pichota - US-Alumnus

I studied Chemistry at the University of Heidelberg from 1991 to 1997 and the wonderful experiences I have made there have set the foundation for a life long journey in learning more about the world around us. I consider it my academic birthplace – a great institution that has formed me in so many ways and sparked my deep love for science and knowledge. My personal donations are given with great affection to support my alma mater, its administration, faculty and students, to continue to inspire future generations.

Arkadius Pichota, US alumnus

Kathleen Lance - Heidelberg University Association

We, personally, consider it a privilge to be alumni of Heidelberg University. We give to the university because we want to give back and say ‘thank you' in any way we can.

Kathleen Lance and Hans Decker, Heidelberg University Association

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