What happened to...?Lisa-Marie Makowe

Being part of a community

I still cannot believe that I was actually supported with a Germany Scholarship for the entire four semesters of my double Master’s program (Philosophy & Education Studies) at Heidelberg University. I know very clearly how I want to say thank you: I want to give back. In the meantime, I am already cooperating with the student services organsiation (Studierendenwerke) Freiburg and Heidelberg to help develop event formats as a host in order to make everyday life and the life as a student easier for students.

As a student from a non-academic background, the scholarship not only had a very positive impact on a financial level that allowed me to focus on my studies but also gave me the feeling of „being welcome and belonging to a community no matter what your name is, where you are from or where you want to go“.  I would like to thank all the people who have contributed to this wonderful idea of the Germany Scholarship from the bottom of my heart.

Status as of November, 2023

Lisa-Marie Makowe