What happened to...?Max Siebert

When I was at school, I was already fascinated by the world of chemistry and its impressive phenomena: from impressive colour changes to complex odours and the secrets behind variations in temperature. But it was also the theoretical concepts of reactivity and selectivity which are verified in experiments that attracted me.

The fascination of industry: a look behind the scenes thanks to the Germany Scholarship!

This interest in the subject continued during my studies of chemistry, especially as the first semesters explained many everyday phenomena: How does a match ignite? What happens when cement hardens? What role does a catalytic converter in a car play? 

Apart from these questions, I developed a passion for organic chemistry and catalytic processes. How can vital molecuales of our daily lives be produced more efficiently? This is where the Germany Scholarship came into play. As a scholarship holder, I was not only able to focus more on my studies but also gained interesting insights into the industry thanks to my supporter, BASF. 

Due to my access to the talent pool as well as the annual events, I gained an early insight into the diverse world of the chemical industry - be it through excursions to Lemförde, Münster or the headquarters in Ludwigshafen or through get-to-know events and think tank events. These experiences left a lasting impression on me and paved the way for my future career.

After two cooperation projects with BASF during my doctorate, I joined the company as a laboratory team leader in 2021. Since then, I have been focusing on process and product development as well as troubleshooting in existing processes. And all this on a multiple tons scale. This is something, I could never have imagined when I was experimenting with a few grams of substances in my first semester.

To me, the most important thing is to do something that I like and that allows me to learn something new every day. It is also the Germany Scholarship that made this possible for me and gave me unique insights into my future field of work. My advice to you? Seize the opportunity and make contact with your sponsor to make unforgettable experiences and to start off your career!