What happened to...?Dr Franziska Maria Ippen

Realising dreams

Franziska has been supported by a Germany Scholarship since the 8th semester in her studies of human medicine and is now working as a resident at Heidelberg University Hospital in the Department of Neurology. Her great passion is neurooncology as well as intensive and acute care medicine.

For this reason, Franziska's scientific path led her to the Massachusetts General Hospital of Harvard Medical School in Boston with the help of a DFG fellowship, shortly after starting her professional career, in order to investigate targeted therapy options for breast cancer brain metastases as part of a postdoctoral research fellowship. In laboratory experiments, she was able to prove that there is a growth-retarding effect of two targeted drugs on cancer cell growth. For her research projects, Franziska has received awards from the Neuroonkologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft (NOA), the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) and the Claudia von Schilling Foundation, among others. At the moment, she is undergoing additional training to become an emergency physician. As a member of the Jungen Neurologen (young neurologists), she is also trying to improve additional training options for assistant physicians in hospitals and research.

With the help of the Germany Scholarship she was able to begin her professional career, successfully. “Since the beginning of the support, the Germany Scholarship has enabled me, especially financially, to realise my dreams and goals, such as further stays abroad and the participation in continuing education during my studies, for which I am still very grateful.“

Status as of February, 2022

Dr. med. Franziska Maria Ippen