What happened to...?Dr Viktoria Huegel

From Germany Scholarship to Habilitation

The Germany Scholarship supported me during my stage 1 studies in Political Science and Slavic Studies in Heidelberg. I am very grateful that the financial support enabled me to give up my student job with a clear conscience and instead entirely devote myself to being a student. During my stage 2 studies, I also took various courses in philosophy which I had loved since Latin lessons at school. (However, it had to be something more down-to-earth). This allowed me to concentrate on questions regarding just and democratic coexistence that had always been important to me and still are. The appreciation I received from being awarded a Germany Scholarship was crucial for my career. It gave me the confidence to apply for other funding programs that suddenly became a „real option“ for me and financed my master’s degree and my doctorate in Great Britain. The award also made sponsors believe in me and my research. 

In the meantime, I have received a PhD in Political Theory from the University of Brighton and at the moment, I am preparing my habilitation at the University of Vienna in the same field.

Status as of November, 2023

Dr. Viktoria Huegel