Paving the Way Towards Professional Life

During the complete clinical part of her studies, Saskia was supported by the Germany Scholarship. Today, she works as a doctor at the Municipal Clinic Lüneburg. She loves internal medicine as well as emergency and intensive care medicine. This is why she has been in further training to become a general internist for about two years. In addition to her profession, she devotes herself to her second passion – the association „Growing Health – Germany e.V.“ which she founded seven years ago together with former fellow students. She was already awarded a prize by the Stifterverband during her time as a Germany Scholarship recipient in a competition called „Macht was draus!“ for the work of this association, which was originally called „Eat to fight your disease e.V.“.  The association focuses on making sure the patients receive meals during their stays in the hospital in Rwanda. This is importat since patients in Rwandan hospitals are not provided with food. Today, the association is active in two hospitals in the south of Rwanda.

Saskia is still grateful for the longtime support with a Germany Scholarship by her sponsor at that time: “This paved my way towards professional life and kept my back free, so that I could concentrate on my future.“

Status as of November, 2021

Saskia L.