2016 is the ‘International Year of Global Understanding’ – with its central theme of NORTH & SOUTH, the latest edition of our research journal is dedicated to major global issues and challenges, such as the migrant crisis, climate change and the asymmetrical relations between countries of the Global South and those of the Global North.

The ‘Ruperto Carola’ journal presents authors from the disciplines of economy, physics, geography, tropical medicine, psychopharmacology, transcultural studies, Romance studies and musicology at Heidelberg University. Once more we are able to demonstrate the breadth and diversity of research at our comprehensive research university – with scientists also exploring the North-South divide of happiness, the mutual perception of Europe and the countries of the Islamic world, and the ‘South’ as a place that speaks to our innermost dreams and desires.

I wish you a stimulating and enlightening reading experience with the potential to broaden views and open the way to new insights and perceptions.

Prof. Dr Dr h.c. Bernhard Eitel
President of Heidelberg University

Issue 8 • July 2016