Application for the 1st academic semester of the Master’s programme Master of Education – profile line higher teaching degree for vocational schools

The Master’s programme ending with a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree with the profile line higher teaching degree for vocational schools is operated jointly by Heidelberg University and Heidelberg University of Education within the framework of the Heidelberg School of Education (HSE). 

The profile line higher teaching degree for vocational schools comprises studies in two fields of study relevant to the teaching degree as degree programme components of the Master of Education in combination with a major and a minor subject. The major subject is always the field of study Gerontology, Health, and Care. 

Please check our Study Program Finder to determine whether your desired degree programme components are available in the scope of the Master of Education programme at Heidelberg University (higher teaching degree for vocational schools with the subject area Gerontology, Health, and Care). The Study Program Finder will also provide information tailored to your application profile and specific to your degree programme

Subjects for the vocational teaching degree