Students are said to be applying for a “transfer” if they have already been studying a different degree programme which is considered relevant and equivalent to the new degree programme which they wish to take up, and for which the responsible examination office has accordingly issued a certificate of transferable credits. Students are also considered to be transferring when they have been studying the same subject at a university outside the EU.

Students are also said to be transferring when they are provisionally admitted to a degree programme e.g. admitted via a court order. In addition, “transfer” is used to describe the admission of students who are admitted for a specific part of a course without this guaranteeing admission to the entire degree programme e.g. admission to the pre-clinical part of the human medicine degree programme only.

In order to apply for a transfer to an advanced academic semester, students must have written confirmation that any credits previously gained will be recognised. Students may submit a request for the transfer of credits at the examination office responsible for the relevant subject (central state examination office or examination office of Heidelberg University) if they have previously gained credits in the same subject at a university outside the EU, or if they have gained credits in another, related subject at a German university or at a university elsewhere.


University places in subjects to which admission is restricted beyond the first semester can be offered only if their is sufficient free capacity in the desired subject. If any places remain available after the general procedure for allocation of university places to applicants changing institution has been completed, these may then be allocated to students who have applied for a transfer. Available university places are allocated on the basis of previously gained credits. As statements cannot be made here in regards to the credits required in individual cases, we ask that when applying for admission, students include a detailed description of all previous periods of study in their application (including certificates, examinations and transcripts of records).
If a subject is admission-restricted beyond the first semester, students wishing to transfer to the subject must submit an application by 15 January for admission to the following summer semester, and by 15 July for admission to the following winter semester. An application for transfer can be made via the relevant online portal. All required documents must also be submitted to Heidelberg University prior to the deadline. All applications for transfer must also include a certificate of transferable credits.

Regardless of whether a subject is admission-restricted beyond the first semester or not, international students who do not possess a German university entrance qualification must submit an application for transfer to the University.