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DateNews Release
17.9.2020Documenting Nepal’s Cultural Heritage
11.9.2020International Doctoral Programme Under Heidelberg Leadership
9.9.20204EU+ Drives forward Development of Innovative Teaching and Learning Formats
3.9.2020ERC Starting Grants for three Heidelberg Scientists
26.8.2020Learning languages without lessons or teachers
21.8.2020Artificial Carbohydrates for Sustainable Food Production
21.8.2020Skat and Poker: More Luck than Skill?
19.8.2020Antidepressants Make Fish Easy Prey: Loss of Natural Reaction to Stress
29.7.2020Encyclopaedia to Document National Socialist Genocide of the Sinti and Roma in Europe
24.7.2020Common Structures for Promoting Research and Innovation
23.7.2020What Unites and Divides Humans and Machines
23.7.2020Heidelberg University Publishing Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary
23.7.2020Large Majority Respects the Requirements
14.7.2020Ambitious Climate Action Pays Off
13.7.2020Biodiversity in the Agricultural Landscape
6.7.2020Cosmic Waves
25.6.2020No Space for Climate Change
22.6.2020Experimentally Identifying Effective Theories in Many-Body Systems
5.6.2020Protecting the Neuronal Architecture
2.6.2020Reducing Carbon Emissions in the Economy
29.5.2020Selectively Reactivating Nerve Cells to Retrieve a Memory
29.5.2020Three Successful Funding Bids for Collaborative Research Centres
20.5.2020Restoration of Heidelberg University’s Student Prison
15.5.2020Like Thunder Without Lightning
14.5.2020New Directors of Marsilius Kolleg
7.5.2020What Helps Doctors, Nursing Staff, and Emergency Crews Cope on the Job during the Corona Crisis?
4.5.2020Parents Do Research for Science
24.4.2020Quantum Electrodynamics Experiment
9.4.2020New Alliance in the Fight Against Coronavirus and COVID-19
6.4.2020COVID-19 Map of Hope
2.4.2020Millions in Funding for Heidelberg Chemist
11.3.2020Award for Mobile Phone App
5.2.2020Prehistoric Skeleton Discovered in Southern Mexico
21.1.2020Reception for Visiting Scientists and Scholars
15.1.2020How Cells Assemble Their Skeleton
10.12.2019ERC Consolidator Grants For Two Heidelberg Researchers
25.11.2019Honorary Doctorate for Ryuji Yamamoto
25.11.2019Internationalisation of Teacher Training
11.11.2019PhD Grant To Develop New Particle Detectors
6.11.2019Prorektor für Innovation und Transfer