Research magazineSPACE & TIME: About the Depths of the Cosmos and Slow-Motion in Sport

Press Release No. 19/2022
23 February 2022

The latest issue of the research magazine RUPERTO CAROLA with contributions from 21 Heidelberg researchers

Over 100 years ago Albert Einstein published his theory of relativity, which fundamentally changed our understanding of space and time. These closely related categories have occupied people from the beginning and are, still today, the subject of many types of research across all academic disciplines. SPACE & TIME is the topic of the latest issue of RUPERTO CAROLA, the research magazine of Heidelberg University, which introduces studies pursuing, inter alia, the goal of modifying Einstein’s theory at the limits of today’s knowledge.

RuCa 19 Cover

The contributions of this 19th issue lead into the depths of the cosmos, in which matter, space and time came into being with the Big Bang approximately 13.8 billion years ago; they deal with the biblical account of creation and with the control principle according to which molecular switches coordinate vital biological processes in time and space, and also with slow motion in sport. 21 researchers present their studies in 15 research reports and an expert dialogue. They explain how a method for geodata analysis developed in Heidelberg makes it possible to better understand the spatial and temporal dynamic of topographical changes or highlight what connects online meetings during the Covid period with premodern Europe. They ask whether literature is something that can survive time and space, or what spatial and temporal facts led to the forming of two major migration corridors on the two American continents.

The research magazine RUPERTO CAROLA appears twice a year, mainly in German with English abstracts, and is meant for all the university’s members and associates in academia, politics, business and society, and, in particular, for alumni, friends and an interested public in Germany and abroad. The magazine can be obtained from the Communications and Marketing department of Heidelberg University (Old University, Grabengasse 1, phone +49 6221 / 54-2311). All issues are also available online via the open-access publisher Heidelberg University Publishing (heiUP).