ResearchNew Class of Fellows at Marsilius Kolleg

Press Release No. 105/2023
10 October 2023

13 Heidelberg academics devote themselves to interdisciplinary research projects

The start of the 2023/2024 winter semester has seen a new class of fellows take up their assignment at Heidelberg University’s Marsilius Kolleg. From October this year to September 2024, 13 Heidelberg academics from different disciplines devote themselves to interdisciplinary research projects and participate in joint discussions at the Kolleg. During their regular work meetings, the fellows will deal with, for instance, practical aspects of historical Heidelberg hearing research, with resilience in the face of catastrophes, particularly with regard to children and adolescents, or with the analysis of systematic sources of error when planning and evaluating scientific experiments.

The 16th class of fellows at the Marsilius Kolleg includes Prof. Dr Andrea Albrecht (German studies), Prof. Dr Monika Buhl (education studies), Prof. Dr Jörg Jaeckel (theoretical physics), Prof. Dr Joachim Kirsch (neuroanatomy), Prof. Dr Christoph Korn (social neurosciences), Prof. Dr Joachim Kurz (Chinese studies), Prof. Dr Markus Ries (paediatrics and adolescent medicine), Prof. Dr André Rupp (neurophysiology), Prof. Dr Romedio Schmitz-Esser (medieval history), Prof. Dr Christiane Wiesenfeldt (musicology), Prof. Dr Robert Christian Wolf (cognitive neuropsychiatry), Prof. Dr Christoph Vanberg (economics) and Prof. Dr Kathia Serrano Velarde (sociology).

The Marsilius Kolleg, directed by theologian Prof. Dr Friederike Nüssel and genomicist Prof. Dr Michael Boutros, is designed to bring together hand-picked researchers from different scholarly cultures. The goal is to promote research-related dialogue between the humanities, law and social sciences, on the one hand, and the natural and life sciences, on the other. With the present class of fellows – they are appointed by the Rectorate of Ruperto Carola – a total of 205 fellowships have been granted since 2008.